Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ice Cream is Greater Than

A few weeks ago, as a special treat on a Saturday night I brought home geletto for dessert.  On Sunday there was still some left over and after finishing dinner we were in Hutton's room playing when I told the boys: there's geletto in the freezer!  They wasted no time and instantly sprinted to the kitchen; by the time I got out there the freezer drawer was open and they were both huddled around it, Hutton practically inside from the waist up as he teetered back and forth on his belly, his head buried in bags of corn and green beans.  We found the geletto and while I dished it out the boys took their places at the island.

"Mommy, I peed my pants." Hutton told me from his chair.

"You what?" I asked him.

"I peed my pants."

"Where?  In your chair?"

"No.  Over there." He said, pointing towards the fridge.

Sure enough, there was a wet spot on the floor.

I led him back to his bedroom and as we striped him down I asked him, "Honey, what happened out there?  You haven't had any accidents today, why did you pee your pants?"

I was kneeling on the ground and his hands were on my shoulders, he lifted his head and squinted his eyes at me, I could tell he was thinking: I'm not sure why this needs an explanation, but....

"Well,"  he said very matter of factly, "Hutton want ice cream, so I pee pee in my pants."

Or, in other words: Ice cream is more important than taking the time to go pee pee in the potty.

Or, Ice cream trumps pee pee in the potty.

Or, Ice cream > pee pee in the potty.

The To-Do List

The boys had finished eating breakfast and Keaton had taken his seat in the little folding chairs that sit by our patio door. They do this a lot of mornings, sit in those chairs and look out at the yard.  They call them their "deer stands" and sometimes they have binoculars and talk about the animals they "see" and other days they just sit there like two little old men having coffee on the front porch.  This day it was the latter.

Collin and I were cleaning up the breakfast mess when Keaton dramatically stands up and says:

"I have to go potty!"  As he marches off to the bathroom he throws his hands up for added flair.

"Ugh!" he says, "There's just so much To Do!"

The Police and Pigs

Last Wednesday we were sitting at dinner, I was feeding the baby and Collin was on my right side.  Keaton was facing us.

"Dad, when you dropped me off at school today I saw a police man and two boars."

"Two what?" Collin asked him.


"Like, pigs" I kind of say to Collin under my breath.

"Yeah!" Keaton says, "wild ones."

"You saw two boars when I took you to school today?"


"There were boars IN your school?"

"No!" Keaton says, like, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. "They were with the police man."

(Note, there was no police man.)


CAS said...

I'm in tears... this is hilarious!!! OMG! They crack me up!

Amy said...

They are so cute! Ice cream trumps going to the potty, this is good to know!