Monday, March 25, 2013

The Easter Table (and a Holiday Guessing Game!)

I have a confession to make.  Up until this past weekend our house has still been decorated with snowmen.  Our front door entry way is still winteresque.  It's been hard to even think about spring in these parts when we have at least (At Least!) 14 inches of snow on the ground.  But this coming weekend is Easter and we're having Collin's family over to celebrate, so it was time to de-winterize.

I  wasn't sure if I could get in the spirit of spring with our lawn still covered in a layer of white, but I was wrong.  Oh!  This table is making me so happy. On further inspection, we weren't able to save our Easter/Spring decorations after all.  With the exception of two strings of garland, they were covered in mold and had to be thrown away.  The majority of the items on our table came from a PartyLite party I had earlier this year.  Amanda was our consultant and I had a rather great time that night (there might have been wine involved.) As soon as I opened the catalog I knew what I would be purchasing.  I just loved this whole set!

But those two little bunnies up there?  They are making me the happiest.  I love them with all of my heart.  They are ceramic and covered in a soft fuzz.  They probably aren't something I would have picked out in a store but I love them because they came from Collin's Grandma Kono.  Hutton and Papa went to visit her one afternoon and Hutty brought them home - I remember doing the same with my great-grandma; visiting her and bringing trinkets home.  If I'm not mistaken, the sniffer has been deemed Keaton's (Benjamin Bunny) and the waver is Hutton's (Peter Rabbit).

Of course I'm not here JUST to tell you about my dining room table.  It's Easter Time!  And you know what that means!  A guessing game!!  

Here we go....I got these sixlets on our Girls Winter Amish trip and have been dying to put them out.  They are just so pretty.  

The first person to correctly guess the number of sixlets in the bowl will win one of these Partylite Song Bird Tealight Holders AND a dozen tealights (scent: Herbs de Provence)

In the event of a tie (which means you can guess the same # as someone else, that is okay) we will use the very formal, pull a name out of the hat.  Here's the kicker, Easter is just six days away and I'd like for you to have this before the holiday, so guessing will need to close at 8 am on Wednesday morning.  Also, feel free to guess through Twitter or Facebook - I will check both of those.  

Okay, Happy Guessing - I can't wait to send this to one of you!


Em said...

I love your Easter table! I can see why it would make you happy. :) And I love that the bunnies came home from Grandma Kono. Isn't it neat how seasonal decorations can add a little bit of happiness to otherwise ordinary days? We have this little figurine on the piano that says "Easter Greetings" and on top of the blocks that spell that out, there sit a little bunny, holding two chicks, and his head is attached with a bouncy spring. Both of the girls absolutely love it. And I love THAT.

Ok, my guess...sheesh, that's a hard one. I'm gonna go with 319.

Amanda said...

Beautiful table! I remember now loving the color of those candies :) I'm sure I'm way too low but I'm going to say 106

Pam said...

Your decorations look so pretty. I'm going to guess 150.

CAS said...

Ohh- I just love your decorations! They are beautiful! This would make me happy too! My guess 203.

Anonymous said...

I guess 126. :)
You are great with the holiday decor. Tying in items from family with new ones you select..lovely!

Amy said...

I love your Easter table! I agree it is hard to decorate for spring inside when it is SO wintery outside...grr! I am going to guess 118.

Mama B said...

I guess 363

Anonymous said...

I love the bunnies! Priceless. And yes, the partylite party was a ton of fun. I do believe there was wine involved. :) Can't wait till our Spring Amish trip. I wonder what treasures we will find this time.

My guess is 218.