Friday, March 15, 2013


I stood at my office window, coffee cup in hand, and thought: well, that was disappointing.

But something told me to go out on the front stoop and take a picture anyway.  The moment I pulled the camera back to look at the screen I remembered a conversation I had with a co-worker many years ago.  He had just learned I had grown up in Illinois and without skipping a beat made the obligatory comment, Ugh, that is the flattest, most boring state to drive through.

"I disagree," I told him.  I had probably just come back from a weekend down there, the landscape still vivid in my mind.  "The rows and rows of golden corn stalks stretching as far as the eye can see.  The very slight dips in the land showing off a farm house pocketed every so often, the backdrop of a blue as the ocean sky - it might not be what you typically call beautiful, a mountain scene or looking into the ocean, but it's still pretty in its own right."

Months later he came up to my desk and thanked me for that conversation.  He had just taken a trip down I-39 and he told me, "I saw it differently this time.  I see what you mean."

This morning's sunrise might not have been the brilliant orange glow erupting from behind the trees, but as I looked at the screen seconds after snapping the picture I realized, it's still beautiful in its own right.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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