Friday, March 1, 2013

Sink Bath

I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I gave Keaton a sink bath.

There was that one time at home after a diaper incident, a time a my parents when were were down for the weekend, and one more time at home.

While I probably did, I don't actually remember giving Hutton one.

But Nolan?  Nolan's had more than I can keep track of.

Our old sink really wasn't conducive to baby bathing.

But this sink?  This sink is perfect.  It's as if it was meant for a little baby bottom.

When diaper rashes set in or dinner gets too messy or, just the sink he goes.

And he loves it!

And his big brothers kind of think it's fun too.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


CAS said...

This pictures rock... so much that they make me cry!!! I just love seeing their smiles!!!! Especially the ones with Hutt and Keat in the background to see them enjoying this time together- truly priceless!!!!!

Amanda said...

You're kids are THE cutest!!!! Great job mama!!!

CLAREW said...

Ummm, noone is commenting on the OTHER obvious awesome thing in the pics besides your boys! Your faucet is amazing!! Love your bathroom!!!

Kate said...

Ha! Kelli, this comment cracked me up. Thank you! I also love that faucet. This is the boys' bathroom and this faucet has been great for them since the water spurts out and they can reach better.