Friday, March 22, 2013

Recipe: Clean Whole Wheat Pancakes

It's been quiet around here this week.  I've had some things on the to-do list that had. to. get. done. I banned myself from the computer until they were crossed off.  I also fell asleep more than once putting children to bed at night.

In an effort to remove processed foods and refined sugar from our diet I've been searching and searching for a clean whole wheat pancake recipe.  My first few attempts led to these:

Whole wheat banana pancakes
Whole wheat waffles

Both of these get rave reviews in this house.  Keaton and Collin are particularly fond of the banana pancakes.

On Wednesday morning, when Keaton asked for pancakes for breakfast, I sat down at my computer thinking, this can not be this hard.

"Clean whole wheat pancakes" I stuck into the search engine.

It populated hit after hit, but every link I opened called for canola oil.  I stared at the screen in confusion.  Canola oil is one of the top ingredients I'm looking to avoid.

The boys were getting squirrely and Nolan had started to whine from his high chair.  I was about ready to just dig out the canola oil when in one last ditch effort I Googled:

"whole wheat pancakes made with applesauce and honey"

(I'm out of breath just typing that)

And Ta Da!!

Honey Flax seed Whole Wheat Applesauce Pancakes

(Seriously, I had no idea we had to be so specific with the ingredient list)

A quick scan of the ingredients and I sent this one to the printer, hoping it would be a winner.

(Note: I used all whole-wheat flour, not half and half, because I always forget that I do have just a tad bit of white flour left in my pantry. I also used regular applesauce and added some ground cinnamon to the batter.)

(Note 2: While the recipe is labeled pancakes the directions talk about your waffle iron - I made pancakes. The batter is kind of thick, when you pour it on your pan just use a spoon to spread it out a little)

I'm happy to report, these were a hit.  Collin said he still likes the Banana pancakes better, but I'd put these first.

Happy weekend, everyone!

(Go make some pancakes!)


Em said...

Oooh, thanks for sharing this recipe! We will have to try them!

Kelly said...

I've been starting this too. It's crazy how hard it is to eat "clean".

I've been reading this blog and following on FB. I love the lunch ideas... b/c that's where I struggle the most with processed food.

Can't wait to try these pancakes :)