Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nolan's first tastes: cereal & veggie

No one got both questions to our guessing game correct, but one person did get the right veggie - peas - so, big congrats to....


Woo hoo!  Sarah, I put your package in the mail today and I'm hoping it will reach you by Saturday, but it's possible it won't be there until Monday. Boo.

Sooooo, Nolan's first veggie, it was peas and the correct answer to his reaction?  He hated them.  He still hates them.  He's all, what is this you're trying to pull, woman?  every time I give them to him. But why am I still talking, I have pictures to prove it.

But before we get to the peas, lets take a look at his first taste of cereal.  Now cereal, this is something he can get behind.

I had two big helpers the first night Nolan tried cereal.  Hutton is my wing-man these days.  In fact just the other day Keaton needed help with something while I was in the middle of feeding N breakfast and as I got up off my seat I said, Hutt, can you go feed Nolan? And he jumped right up there and took care of business.

Cereal, it does a body good.  Nolan approves.

However, I think the cereal might have set the bar too high for the first taste of veggies.  Maybe I should have picked a different one, he loooooves, big puffy heart, squash and yams, but the peas.....

What in the bloody heeeeellllllll?????  Why are you feeding me poop on a spoon??????

We were all able to collect ourselves (red blood-shot eyes and all) and a big spoonful of cereal to wash that stuff down helped out tons.

Enough to get us (tentatively) excited about trying another bite.....

Here it is, here it is, here it is.......I'm thinking about it, I'm thinking about it, I'm thinking about it.......OMG, why???  WHY???

(I especially like that last picture.)

Don't let this smile fool you, Nolan says peas can rot in hell.


Amanda said...

OMG that was the BEST!!!!

Anonymous said...

That last picture of him in the "pea" group was the best. OMG! I showed the girls here at work and we were all laughing. What a cute little ham. Hilarious!!!


Em said...

Hahaha...was totally laughing out loud at this one. He certainly does NOT like peas. (Both of my girls were the same way, BTW.) Those faces...too funny!