Sunday, March 10, 2013

Green and Shamrocks (and a holiday guessing game!)

This may (or may not) look familiar. 

Here, let me see if I can find the old post.....

Ah yes, here it is.

I bought this Celtic Love Knot warmer from Scentsy back in 2011.  I loved this thing.  It was my one holiday purchase for the year.  

The night of the fire, as soon as the flames were under control, the firefighters stormed our spare bedroom - it was the one and only room that was accessible - (the door had been closed in that room so no flames made it in there) and started pulling out anything and everything.  At the time I remember kind of throwing things to the side and thinking - don't bother, it's ruined, it's all gone, but I distinctly remember the chief telling me more than once, we'll pull everything out possible, you'll be surprised how much little things mean to you when you have nothing.

It has taken us over a year to start going through those boxes. Partially because we've just been so busy this past year and partially because up until now the emotions have still been too raw.  But over the last few weeks Collin has been bringing boxes in and I have been so excited to find that the majority of our holiday decorations (with the exception of Christmas because those were upstairs) were saved.  And guess what, that chief was right.  As silly as it may seem, they're holiday decorations!, I'm so happy to have these little bits of us back.  

Last weekend we took down all of the red and hearts and replaced them with green and shamrocks and that Scentsy warmer?  It's still my favorite.  

St. Patrick's Day is coming up quick and the boys got busy making their Leprechaun traps this weekend so I think it is high time for a holiday guessing game.

I've been having a hard time deciding what to have you guys guess but I was going through pictures tonight and see I never did officially document Nolan's first cereal and vegetable so in order to force me to do that, here are the questions:

What was Nolan's first veggie AND what was his reaction?

First person to correctly answer both of these questions will get one of these little signs:

I'm pretty sure I've given away the answer to both of these questions in previous posts, but just because I love you guys - I'll give you another hint:

I'll be heading to the post office on Wednesday - happy guessing!


Amanda said...

Green Beans and he wasn't so sure of them???

Missed you today :( Love ya!

Sarah said...

I would guess peas. And he's if he was like Elli, I'd say he liked them. Well, liked much better than cereal!

Anonymous said...

Nori! And he loved it! SX