Friday, March 8, 2013


February 15th

February 18th

February 22nd

February 25th

February 28th

March 1st

March 2nd

It took a little time and patience, but that little bud sure did turn into something beautiful, didn't it?  These pictures are speaking to me this morning in a way I was not expecting.  I've had something weighing heavy on my mind and heart these past few days and looking at these pictures I'm realizing if I give myself a little time and patience, and maybe a little room to grow, I can be the person I want to be.

Flu update: Keaton and Nolan seem to have turned the corner.  Hutty threw up in bed late last night and spent the night on the couch with me (first half) and a sick Collin (second half).  Everyone seems pretty good today; I feel like a ticking time-bomb.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Doing My Best said...

This is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing it =)!

Gail Harper said...

Neat! :)