Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Highlights of the weekend:

  1. Playing in the snow and "blazing trails" with the boys on Saturday.  We headed south out of the garage and toured around the house  - Keaton and Collin doing most of the blazing.  Once around back we detoured into the back acreage where we talked again about plans for the garden.  Tomatoes, yike Papa! Pumpkins! Green beans!  I'm thinking maybe eggplant, or green pepper, or maybe squash. Collin is still undecided.  From there we headed back toward the house, but stay on the trails because there are "eating lions" out there.  Rawr! We came inside just in time for a round of hot chocolate.
  2. Playing 20 questions with the two big boys before bed tonight.  It's a rectangle.  It's in my room.  Dad and I sleep in it ALOT!  Your bed?  YES!!!  Hahahaha!  Hutton: it's in my room.  It's a rectangle.  Keaton: Your bed?  YES!!  Hahaha..
  3. Hearing the giggles come from our bathroom as I got Nolan ready for bed last night.  They played so nicely and waited so patiently while their baby brother played, but once he was out they couldn't get the bubble bath in and the jets on quick enough. 
If you asked the boys they'd probably say the highlight of the weekend was our jaunt into the country after church this morning.  We got out there just in time to see the digger tear a house down.  We knew they'd love it, there was lots of Ooohhs and Ahhhhs as the bucket came crashing down and the old two story house quickly became a pile of rubble.  The digger was pulling off the truck as we turned down the road, we headed to the next farm house to turn around to have a better view and by the time we got back the first smash had already taken place.  "He does not waste any time!" Collin said of the excavator - Collin and his dad have done work him a number of times, he tore our house down - and like today he wasted no time for that first hit.  In fact, we were still around back, salvaging one last time when we heard the crack.  I had no idea seeing the digger today would bring back so many memories, so many feelings. I know I still have so much to work through, but for now I'm going to listen to these excited little boys oohhing and ahhing with each crash.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Sarah said...

Sounds like a perfect, relaxing, winter weekend in Wisconsin! Hope you got to enjoy a bubble bath after the boys were done playing :)

Amber said...

Wow sounds like a delicious weekend, winter seems like it is slowly creeping here and cooling us down a little.