Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Girls 2013 Winter Amish Trip

Girls 2013 Winter Amish Trip
Kate, Tanya, Amanda

It was last July that Tanya first asked me to join her on a trip to Amish Country.  Last summer, oh man.  While I've had some rough days lately, I'm not sure anything can compare to last summer.  Depression, anxiety, exhaustion - it was a deadly combination.  Tanya knew I needed to get away and she knew a trip to the country would do wonders for my mood.

Unfortunately, summers are always busy and while we had good intentions, we just couldn't make the trip work until November when Tanya, Amanda, and I loaded up and took a leisurely drive through the hills and countryside (leisurely, because I was driving and when I'm in the country, I drive like a Grandma. I have no shame.)

I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect.  I had envisioned this quaint little town with a row of shops full of homemade/handmade.  When I asked Tanya if we could find a bathroom when we got there and she gave me a dead stare tied with an ummmmm..... I knew this was not what I was expecting.

The homemade/handmade did not disappoint  oh, there are so many beautiful things.  I have my eye on a rug that I'm going to have made for our laundry room and a rocking horse for Nolan's first birthday present.  But while the area is quaint, there isn't really a town, per se. What there is, is a beautiful countryside. Rolling hills specked with beautiful, yet simple, farm houses.  Bakeries tucked in the basement of the house and rug shops in a little building off to the side of the house. Grocery stores that sit close to, but far enough that you need to get into the car, woodworking stores.

After our first girls trip in November we vowed to make this a seasonal thing.  Four trips a year, one in each season.  We made our Winter trip last Saturday.  While Tanya's been there a number of times, Amanda and I are still new at this, but we learned a lot from that first trip.  Namely, hit the bakeries first.  Make sure you stop at the grocery store to stock up on bulk goods and the woodworking shop to look at all the beautiful things.

We've decided to add a new store(s) with each trip and this time we also found our way to the cheese factory.  We have grand plans for our spring/summer trips to check out the greenhouses and candy stores.

The only thing I regret about Saturday is that I didn't take my camera.  We got brave and drove in a lot of different directions, exploring the area and each and every view was nearly breathtaking.  The roads weren't the greatest, very snow covered and icy/slushy, but just off of them sat evergreens that were so loaded with snow their branches were resting one on top of another; more white than green. We came across a cemetery that was buried beneath a blanket of white, we would have likely missed it but one sole cross stood above the rest, drawing our attention.

But even without pictures of the scenery, I will remember the good talks, laughs, and, of course, the cinnamon rolls.  The day ended with a stop at our favorite coffee shop on our way home and dinner out.  A day in the country was just what I needed and I'm already looking forward to our Spring trip.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you girls are now hooked like I am on the Amish. It's so nice to just slow down a bit. And the girl talk and laughs were so needed. I am so looking forward to our spring trip. :)


Amanda said...

Amen ladies! It was just what the doctor ordered :) I am truly blessed to have you girls in my life. I *heart* you both!!!

Amy said...

New Follower! Sounds like so much fun. We have a girls trip once a year with a group of college friends for the past 14 years, but stopped last year. I love the idea of a seasonal trip!
PS Your boys are adorable!

Jill said...

Oh, so jealous of you ladies - sounds like you had a great girls day!! Glad you were able to get away and get your mind off things! Any new haircuts you returned to?? :)

Em said...

Amish country sounds divine! Glad y'all are making this a seasonal thing. Sounds good for the soul. :)

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