Thursday, February 21, 2013

for all the little angels

I originally wrote this post in October 2010, but I'm sharing it again today because my heart is so heavy. It's so heavy and I don't know what else to do.  There are no words that can take away the pain of losing a child.

Two days ago heaven gained two more precious angels.  Two beautiful baby girls.  Two perfect little babies that today should be swaddled in their Mama and Daddy's arms. Grandparent's and aunts who should be receiving texts and emails full of pictures and stories.  Instead, today these angels are being held tight by Jesus and the hearts of all those who already loved them have been broken.  There are no words; there are no answers that can take away this kind of pain.  There are only prayers.  Prayers for strength. Prayers for eventual peace.  Prayers that God will continue to hold these babies tight and will be there to comfort all those who are left here on earth aching.  

Today this post, this candle, is for Eva Mae and Ella Josephine.

It's for Maci.
for Jaden.
for LJ.
for BB.
for Hadley.
for Baby B.
for Baby K.
for Baby C.
for Baby S.
for Baby H.

I know there are babies I've either forgotten to mention, or have purposely not listed here (for privacy reasons), and this candle is for them too.  May these children know they will never be forgotten.  May their parents and family know we ache with you.

If you could do one thing today, could you say a prayer for Eva and Ella, for their parents and their extended family?  Could you say a prayer for all these babies who have left this earth to soon.  

(If you'd like to add a baby to this list please leave a comment.  And then lets pray.  Let's join our hands and hearts and pray.  If just one parent could feel a little peace today, it will be all worth it.)


Although I have never suffered a miscarriage or the loss of a baby, I have too many family and friends that have.

So tonight this candle burns for them. 

 For the babies who touched so many hearts and lives even though we never got to touch their face.

.For the babies that graced us with their presence, but left too soon.

Each time I've walked past this candle tonight another child has come to mind and silently I've held them in my prayers.

May the babies in heaven know they will never be forgotten.
May their parents on earth know that one day they will be reunited. 

Thinking of you all and sending lots of love and prayers your way.


Laura said...

Thank you for understanding and recognizing, though never experiencing.

Gail Harper said...

Thanks Kate. Sometimes it's just enough for some to say they recognize our pain, what we have been through. I don't want any one else to go through that hurt but, just knowing someone cares enough to speak up is enough for me.

CAS said...

Thank you Kate- I agree with Laura... your heart is soft and empathetic and I have always admired that about you. Thank you for the prayers and I will be praying for these two new angels. May they be dancing in heaven now with the rest of the Angel babies.