Monday, February 11, 2013

Bears in (not so much) Hibernation

You guys!  I can. not. stop. with the baby comparison pictures.  Look what I found when I was looking through some old photos!  All in their little bear (okay, I think the first two are technically monkeys, but hibernating monkey's makes NO SENSE!) snowsuit/hats.

Keaton was a little older than the other two at 11 months in this picture because he was born in a different season, but Hutt & Nolan are both 8 months.  They are in order, K, H, N. 

Photo by CaSondra Shim Photography

Gawd, I love their cheeks!

I've had lots of people ask how the boys are faring with the flu (thank you, friends, we appreciate you thinking of us!) so I thought I'd give you an update here.

They are doing okay.

I know, boring, right?  But really, they are okay.  They had their moments over the weekend, a couple of fevers, really runny noses, self-induced long naps - okay, that's probably the most telling that they are sick.  Keaton, laying on the couch, was whining about how he just wanted to take a nap!  You guys are being SO LOUD! He even shut the tv off on his own, just so he could get some sleeping done.

All in all, this hasn't been much worse than any of their normal colds.  Except for Nolan at night.  OMG.  Will someone please tell this child to sleep??  It's not entirely all his fault, he sleeps for an hour (if we're lucky) and then gets too stuffed up to even breath, so he wakes up.  I understand that.  What I do not understand is his need to bee bop in bed at night. A ba ba ba, he chants.  Then he crawls over to Collin and smacks him in the face, JUST FOR FUN!  It's like 1 am hits and he suddenly has Influenza P.  P for Party.

Collin and I?  We're tired.  We're back to the multiple wake-up calls from each child and basically getting no sleep, but we haven't actually developed any of the flu symptoms yet.  I'm crossing my fingers, but as I told Ember today, I'm afraid as soon as we let our guard down we'll go down in a ball of flames.

Hoping you all had an enjoyable weekend.


Amy said...

What is it about big puffy animal themed snowsuits that make the babies even cuter than they already are?? You and your husband are seriously super parents! I cannot imagine the flu x3. I hope also have invincible powers and do not get the horrid flu.

Em said...

Oh my goodness! The cute! Oh, the cute. Bath photos and now these? You're killing me, girl! I love these, though. So fun seeing these comparisons.

Jill said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bear-monkey pics!!! I had a bear snowsuit for Emma and it was my favorite! Then I had 2 other kids who decided to grow too fast so they couldn't fit into it at the same age...urgh! Love the pics!

Glad to hear that the flu hasn't gotten the best of you yet. It's so tough with these little ones because they just keep cycling it back through everyone! Just keep the coffee flowing (to help you stay awake) and pump up on the baby oranges (for the vitamin C) to help get you through!! (I think we need stock in the baby oranges this time of year - the kids LOVE them and I swear, they help keep the illness less than it could be!)

Good luck to you - praying for health and more sleep for you guys soon! :)