Sunday, February 10, 2013

9-mo Baby Comparison: The Answers

And a big congratulations to......


Who is our winner!  Jill - watch your mailbox :)

Did you get it right?  Of course, you know I ran some stats.  Let's break it down, shall we?

* Out of 9 total guesses; 4 people, or 44%, got it correct - this is a pretty big increase from our 6-month comparison when only 2 (20%) got all three correct.

* The most correctly guessed baby was Keaton, with 7 correct guesses.  At 6-months Hutt was the most correctly guessed.

*  The most often confused baby was Hutton.

* The most often mixed up babies were Hutton & Nolan (at 6-months it was Keaton & Nolan)

* The second most often mixed up babies were Keaton & Hutton.

* No one mixed up Keaton & Nolan.

I find that last stat fascinating, considering those were the two most often mixed up at 6-months.

Here's what I think.  Keaton and Hutton, as we all know, look very little alike.  In fact, before I was wearing a wedding ring again I, MORE THAN ONCE, got the look from questioning so close in age, all different dads, I could FEEL it in their stares!!  I so badly wanted to blurt out - dude!  It was stolen!  But, you know, I refrained.

Anyway, back to the boys....Nolan, on the other hand has always seemed to be a total mix of the two of these guys and I think that, once again, is evidenced by these results.  Tonight I looked at him and he looked EXACTLY like Collin.  But other days, I see all me as a baby.  I think his looks shift in and out quite regularly and, right now, it seems he looks more like Hutton.

My prediction is that by 1-year they will all have completely their own looks and there will be no question about who is who.

And for the record, Hutton saw these pictures twice and both times told me they were:

A. Nolan
B. Nolan
C. ME!!

So even he gets the two confused.

Of course, I purposefully chose pictures that were a little more difficult to tell.  These were the original pictures I was thinking about posting.  I didn't because 1) they were SO easy and 2) I don't seem to have a really cute bath tub picture of N.

These are the boys, in order (K, H, N), but I doubt I need to tell you that:


Kelly said...

I love comparison pix... so fun! I do this a lot now... and we have came to the conclusion that Brody has his own look. I can see a little of everyone in the other 3 but Brody has very little resemblance to any of us. Kinda funny how that can happen.

P.s. I know I say this about all of Hutt's pix... but OMG his eyes!!! Seriously breath taking!

Kate said...

Kelly - yes, Hutton's eyes, that was the main reason I couldn't use those pictures - those eyes can not be mistaken for anyone else's :)

Jill said...

Yeah!! I knew the first 2 for sure, but I couldn't make Nolan's pic look like him! That means I need to get up and see him soon cause he's growing too fast!! That pic of him was hard - you can tell he's a mix of the two older boys, but I can't figure out which features! And like you say, it totally varies based on their expressions - I feel the same way about Han.

I'm also glad you posted the bathtub pictures - I love the smiles on their faces! :)