Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January weekend

I have a bad habit of making too many plans. I tend to over schedule us with activities and outings. And while 90% of those things are most definitely in the "fun" category, even too much fun can be....well, too much.

After the flurry of activities following Christmas and Keaton's birthday I promised Collin I wouldn't make any plans in the month of January.  No going.  No doing.  We both wanted, needed, to hunker down and spend a lot of time at home this month.  The term hermits was thrown out there and neither one of us was opposed to it.  In fact, I think we were welcoming it.

Of course, staying home didn't necessarily mean it was going to be weekend upon weekend of relaxing.  In fact, very seldom do we have time to "relax" with young children.  I'm sure most of you can attest to this.  Oh yes, we have been lucky and had all three nap simultaneously more than once over these past few weekends and while maybe we should have used that time to curl up on the couch and read or watch football, the reality is that "relaxing" time is spent folding laundry without two little boys pulling half of the clothes out of the tub and landing on the floor before I'm able to catch it.  And it's spent loading/unloading the dish washer without having to tell someone to please not step on the door or fold the door up before the drawer has been pushed in.  It's spent picking up stray clothes without worrying about who is hitting/pinching/fighting with their brother.  And it's spent sweeping the floor without having to keep a constant eye on the baby and what cords he trying to get to now.  So really, it is relaxing. Kind of. Sort of.  Okay, no, not really.

With the calendar open in the beginning of this new year and with spring looming all too soon, it is time to get down to work inside this house.  Spring? All to soon, you say?  Yes, all too soon.  Because once spring is here we have a huge task ahead of us at getting our yard in working condition.  The spare hours, any and all we have, will be spent getting seed replanted, huge machine tracks taken care of, and flower beds back to being presentable.  So yes, when I look at the calendar and see we are already nearing the end of January, in my mind spring will be here all too soon.  

Each room in this house needs some work.  Some more than others, but pretty much everything still needs to be touched.  Whether it's unpacking totes and boxes, hanging curtains or decorations on the wall, or just a general organizing/cleaning, every single room needs some help.  We moved in at the end of September and very quickly found ourselves in the heat of the holiday season.  After the holidays we had the task of taking down and putting away all of those decorations (the birthday stuff still isn't all put away) and then we all had our first round of sickness, so we've cut ourselves some slack up to this point, but now it is time.

The first thing on my list was our master bathroom/bedroom/closet.  The closet was the biggest task.  There was so much stuff in there we could hardly get to our clothes.  Boxes and totes from the move, suitcases still unpacked from Christmas, and a random laundry basket full of stuff to be put in various storage boxes.  In our bedroom I wanted to put down rugs, hang some pictures, and scotch guard the rocker (those things are still....in process.)

It's funny, the closet, the mess I've been dreading, took a total of....I don't know...one hour? It was during one of those simultaneous nap times.  Of course, Nolan woke up before we were able to completely finish and so while Collin and I were cleaning up one mess, he was making another.  Ahhhhh, this is life with children, am I right?

This is the first weekend I felt like we found our groove. The grocery shopping was done. Various errands run. And a project was started and mostly completed. It felt good, a nice January weekend.

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CAS said...

I love the last picture!!!! The way Hutton is looking at Nolan and how Nolan is looking back at him- priceless!!!!