Wednesday, December 5, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

How lovely are your branches!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,
How lovely are your branches!

"Mom!" He yelled as he came careening in the garage door.
"Can you open the front door?  This sucker's not going to fit through the back door."  I'm certain he repeated his father, word for word.

I followed Keaton out the front door and found Collin and Hutt waiting for me outside.
"Can you carry the tip?" Collin asked me. He had the tree in the stand and ready to carry in and set up. I walked around to the other end and as Collin picked up the stand I picked up the top, right where the star would sit.  

I was completely unprepared for the rush of emotions that would sweep over me the second I placed my hand on that tree.  We are home.  Home for the holidays.  Our first tree in the new house.  

We spent the afternoon pulling out decorations and ornaments.  All the ornaments we have were given to us after the fire and there were lots of "this one was my Grandma's!" and "Ooooh, this is a very special one!  Baby's First Christmas!" and "So-and-so gave us this."

Of course there was also a lot of "No fighting over the ornaments!" "You're going to fall!" "Don't touch those, those are Mom's Pipkas!!"

But the boys had a ball.  Placing sometimes up to four ornaments on a single branch (it was very bottom heavy when they were done) and then taking a whole box of glittery balls and nestling them in the like a squirrel saving up nuts for the winter.

When we were all done Collin and I were standing back and I looked at him and said, "I hate it."

"Hmmm...." He nodded back to me, "yeah, I hate it too."

It was the lights.  Oh!  There were hideous.  So, so ugly.  And the gold ribbon wasn't doing anything for me either.  

So last night we took it all down.  Collin had bought new lights in the afternoon and we restrung it and swapped the gold ribbon for red ribbon and now, now I love her.

In beauty green will always grow
Through summer sun and winter snow.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches!

Reminder: St. Nicholas' feast day is tomorrow.  Which means, St. Nick comes tonight for those who celebrate! The boys will be placing their shoes out in hopes of a few little treats from St. Nick and we'll be talking today about the Patron Saint of Children and his good deeds and giving to others.


CAS said...

I love seeing Keaton with his little chain saw... this is precious! He is so into "working"! Your tree is beautiful and glad you are HOME for the Holidays!

Gail Harper said...

I'm so, so happy you will be HOME for the Holidays! Oh Keaton! You make my heart smile!

Package from MI coming soon to add to that beautiful tree! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the St Nick's reminder!!! Happy 1st Holiday home!!!!

Sarah said...

Love the tree! So happy you are back home for the holidays :)