Monday, November 5, 2012

when the cat is away...

On Saturday, Tanya, Amanda, and I had a girls day off.  We spent the day driving through the countryside, our destination was an Amish community about an hour and a half south of us.  We visited a rug shop, woodworking shop, the general store, and a couple of bakeries.  I had the most amazing cinnamon roll of all-time, forever, and ever.  I'm not sure anything will ever top that gooey goodness.

We loaded up on bulk grocery items, I got a few trinkets for the kids' stockings, a couple of Christmas presents checked off the list, and an idea for a rug I'd like for our laundry room. It was an awesome day.  

On the way home we stopped for a late lunch at a cute little restaurant/gift shop and then walked across the street to get a coffee for the drive home. A beautiful sunny, blue sky day, spent with friends. Perfection.

Meanwhile, Collin was holding down the fort at home.  What's that saying...when the cat is away, the mouse will play?

I walked in the door Saturday evening and everyone was at the kitchen table having dinner.  The boys turned around and greeted me with a chorus of Hi Mom's.  And from across the room my eyes grew wide, I could feel my face contorting, about to spew tears, and I looked at didn't?

When the cat's away, the mouse...



It was time, I know that.  Hutt's mane was becoming unruly.  And he has been begging for us to cut it. Collin said he was crying Saturday morning, cut Hutton's hair, cut Hutton's hair!  And so he did.  

But, pictures?  I asked him.  

Oh, I took them!

Okay.  My whimpering settled down.

I would have liked pictures of the actually cutting.  But, what are you going to do.  

I'm still getting used to it, but Hutton loves it.  His hair is so curly that Collin had to go back at the sides when I got home because they were still a little too long.  But we left it longer on top so his curls can come out.  Since Hutt has my hair, I don't think his curls are going anywhere, I think he will keep them, but still.  My Baby!  Is a Big Boy!


Amanda said...

OMG...he looks like a totally different kid...and grown up!!!! Hutty!!!!! Cute as ever though :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I still laugh. I could only imagine how you must have felt at that moment when you saw it. I can still see my expression when I got home and got the text from you about it. Ha!!! But like I said then, I love it!!! :) Way to go Collin, you did a mighty fine job.

CAS said...

He is all grown up!!! Yes, he looks like a completly different kid! But then again I remember this for Keaton too and then after awhile you realize yes, they are going to grow up and change. It is hard to see those curls go, but I guess if Hutty wanted it cut that bad then yes, it is time. Although hard.

Sarah said...

Oh Kate! I can't even imagine how you felt! He does look older...but he will always have your curls and when he's older, maybe he'll want them longer again :) He must've really been crying for Colin to do that while you were out!

Steve Finnell said...

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Patten Family said...

Oh my gosh that is HILARIOUS! I would KILL Greg if he did Colin's defense it looks great. And Hutton all of a sudden became an older boy in that moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh mercy! He looks like a big kid now! He is still very adorable.

Is hubs glad he is still standing? :)

Em said...

Oh wow, Hutter Butters! All those curls...gone! I "get" that it was probably time, but I'm sure I would've cried coming home to that sight, too! :(

That said, he is very handsome with his shorter 'do, too. :)