Monday, November 19, 2012

Name That Baby! (Thanksgiving guessing game)

The Halloween decorations finally made there way to a tote and into the storage room. I used to have a lot of "fall" decorations and even some things that would come out just for Thanksgiving, but for now we are using some gourds and squash to get us through the remainder of the season. I did see a set of Pilgrims when Tanya and Amanda and I were on our girls trip, it was a funny story at the time, and I haven't told them this, but I've been thinking about those Pilgrims ever since. If they hadn't been so expensive and in a town several away, I'd probably drive myself back over there to get them.  As it is I keep wondering if they'd be on sale after Thanksgiving and if a trip should be in order.

The point of this is, I don't have anything to give away for a Thanksgiving guessing game.  BUT.  When I saw these pictures I knew one was in order. So instead of playing for a Thanksgiving decoration, we're going to play for a Starbucks gift card.  Here's the catch: the gift card has to be used on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I know you're going to be tempted to skip ahead and get a Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha - hell, I'd be tempted too - but there are only a few days left in this season, we need to soak in it. I wish I could get the gift card to you before Thanksgiving because I know my mind too changes to All Christmas All The Time the day after, but of course, as is my life lately, I'm running late.

The big boys liked their Exersaucer so much that when it came time to get one for Nolan we didn't even look around, I just repurchased the same thing.  And he loves it too.  I was uploading pictures the other day and when I saw the ones of him in his bouncer I thought, ooooh, I have similar ones of the big boys.  I can't say this about much, I won't have comparable pictures in the same clothes or even with the same blankets or toys, but we do have the exersaucer.  

I thought these were all very obvious who was who, but when I showed them to Collin last night he looked at me and said "they are all different?"  So I'm interested to see how easy it is for you guys.  We have Baby A. Baby B. and Baby C.  Can you put the boys in order?  Guessing will close at 10 pm tonight.  The first one to guess the correct order wins a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Soooo.....Name That Baby!





Anonymous said...

Baby A= Keaton
Baby B= Hutt
Baby C= Nolan

But dude, they all look the same. :)


Anonymous said...


Your friendly neighbor!! ;)

Sarah said...

Babu A: Nolan
Baby B: Hutt
Baby C: Keaton

My gosh A and C look soo similar!

Amanda said...

I say

Boy they are all Konos!!!


Mama B said...

I always think babies look alike, but I think these 3 have such distinct looks.
B=Hutt (no doubt there),

TeamNee said...

Babu A: Nolan
Baby B: Hutt
Baby C: Keaton

Patten Family said...

A = Nolan
B = Hutton
C = Keaton

CAS said...

I say, Nolan, Hutt, Keaton.. but one thing I know they are all adorable! Yes, one and three look alot alike as baby's!