Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear Nolan: 6 Months

Dear Nolan,

At the beginning of November you turned six months old.  I am having a hard time accepting just how quickly this year is going.  I’m in the midst of planning your biggest brother’s fourth birthday party and along the way I’ve found a couple of things to bookmark for yours and when I realize I’ll be starting to plan your first birthday in just a few more months, it makes me a little sad.  These baby years, they just go too fast in my opinion.

This has been a really great month.  You continue to be such a happy-go-lucky little guy and really just a joy to be around.  At the beginning of the month we took you three boys to a Christmas concert with Papa and Busha.  They had bought the tickets for us because we all thought your big brothers would enjoy it; there is lots of singing and dancing by a local family. When we walked in there was a large crowd and one of the Grandma’s looked at you and asked me if you were going to the concert.  Yes, I told her.  I guess I never thought that you shouldn’t go; you have two big brothers at home so noise is not a problem for you and you are usually quite content as long as someone is holding you.  We weren’t wrong in taking you, but we were wrong in which of you boys would like it the most.  Keaton fell asleep half way though and Hutt did a little playing on the ground when he got antsy.  But you?  You stood up on my lap and danced the whole show through.  You loved it!  From behind me I heard the people say, wow, he sure is a happy guy!

Last month you discovered your toes, and those little toes still make you happy, but this month, This Month! you found your thumb. This is a Big Deal for us; you are our first thumb sucker.  Like your older brother, Hutton, you don’t like nuks, so we haven’t had anything to help soothe you when you are upset.  But now, you just stick that thumb in your mouth and suck until you calm down.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about this at first, worried about dental problems in your future, but Busha says this is a good thing and so I’m going with that.  Besides, it has led to a big development in another department…

 Sleeping.  I’m always a little nervous to say this out loud but….shhhh…youputyourselftosleep and sleepinyourcribmostofthenight.  That’s right, you put yourself to sleep.  I cannot believe I’m saying this about one of my children.  After your two big brothers I never saw this in my future.  We can lay you down and hand you your lion, Larry the Lion, turn on your lullabies and you snuggle with Larry and chatter a bit and then you find your thumb, roll yourself on your side or tummy and just….go to sleep.  It’s really amazing and has earned you “Easiest Child” status.  We are so very thankful for this development.  Of course there are nights it doesn’t go as easy, but for the most part you are a charm at bed time.

At six months you weight about 14 ½ pounds.  You wear 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers and still drink 4 ounce bottles.  You just celebrated your first Halloween, where you and your brothers were all Lumberjacks. And those brothers of yours, they call you Rollin’ Nolan. You are working on sitting by yourself and love, love, love bath time. You like to pet the dog but don’t like it when she licks you.  If we’ve left you in your exersaucer too long you let us know but flinging yourself around angrily and pound your fists.  It’s kind of cute.  You are always happy when we get you out of your crib, even if we wake you up mid-sleep.  I’ve never seen a baby so smiley when woken in the middle of his nap.  Your smile is still a killer; it’s hard to be in a bad mood with you around. I look forward to so many more months with you.

I love you so much,


Amanda said...

Another wonderful letter, another adorably CUTE Kono baby boy...time for another since they are so darn squeezable :)

Em said...

It was about time you got one that put himself to sleep! (Also hope I'm not jinxing it by talking about it.) Nolan, you are such a joy, in so many ways! Happy belated .5, sweet boy!

Tracy Over said...

WOW you are so lucky with the sleeping on his own :)

Jill said...

Look at those eyelashes in that first picture...oh, little heartbreaker in the making!! :) I can't believe how big he is getting...slow him down, please! :) Great post - thank you for sharing all the details - makes me feel like I'm there!

Sarah said...

Oh how I look forward to Elli using her thumb to soothe herself to sleep! I know you've been through the long nights with the other two...maybe it's true what they say, each baby gets easier and easier?!