Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And the Winner is....


The boys, in correct order were:

A. Keaton
B. Hutton
C. Nolan

Tanya, I'll get you your gift card sometime this weekend! Enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Latte :)

So, because I'm a total nerd, I've written all the guesses down and run some stats....let's review...

* Of 10 total guesses, only two people (20%) got all three correct.  Tanya & Kira, congrats!

*The most correctly guessed baby was Hutton, with 7 correct guesses.

* Hutton was followed by Keaton, with 5 correct guesses.

* The most often confused baby was Nolan, with the only people correctly identifying him being Tanya & Kira.

* The most often mixed up babies were Keaton & Nolan (5 people mixed them up)

* The second most often mixed up babies were Hutton & Nolan (3 people mixed them up)

* No one mixed up Keaton & Hutton

* I find this very interesting and I think it supports my theory that Nolan is a mix between the two.

* For the record, Collin was tired when he looked at these but he mixed up Keaton & Nolan.  He thought Hutton was the easiest because of his eyes.  Of the three, I think Keaton is the easiest because of his round head.

There you have it!  Maybe we'll play again at 9 months, where I think they will all start to get easier.


Anonymous said...

Oh, awesome!!! Finally a winner on here. :) This was a fun one. And you know that I just love those boys.

And I think that we should head and check out the shop where your little Amish, oh I mean "Pilgrims" were. And then maybe lunch at The Farmers Market. :)


Anonymous said...

Dude! I wish I had checked your post in time. I would have guessed correctly. :) SX

Em said...

Too bad I missed this! I would've gotten it right, too. I totally agree with Keaton's head and Hutton's eyes being the dead giveaways for each. :)

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, hon!