Thursday, November 15, 2012

anatomy of a lumberjack photo shoot

For this, here, Lumberjack Photo Shoot we have found ourselves three mighty lumberjacks.  A Big Lumberjack (BgLJ), Medium Lumberjack (MLJ), and a Baby Lumberjack (BL). 

As is proper, before beginning a Lumberjack Photo Shoot, one (MLJ) must find a tree...

...and take a chop at it.

Never mind that his axe is backwards.

Okay, now we may begin.

The first step in a Lumberjack Photo Shoot is to precariously prop a BLJ in a Bumbo, in a tree.

Second, place a BgLJ on a tree that has fallen and warn him against slipping off.

Okay, now that your BgLJ is steady and your BLJ is secure, the MLJ may join the crowd.

Everyone look here and say, Cheese!

Alright, now get down before you fall!

Let's try this again.  Everyone say, Cheese!

Or swing your axes.  Whatever.

Okay, say Lumberjaaaaaack!

How about your mean face.  Give us a Lumberjack growl.

Oh, yeah, you look more like pirates. Let's try something different.

BLJ says: Can I get out of this thing?

I think it's about time for a scene change.

How about a big lumberjack saw.  Because this looks safe.

For this scene, let's place the BLJ in front of a log and have the BgLJ and MLJ hold the saw on said log. 

Opps! It kinda looks like they are about ready to saw the Baby.

Aaaaaaand, this appears to be heading downhill fast.

BLJ says: Hey! Adults in this family, do you not see these lumberjacks are yielding a large saw, DIRECTLY BEHIND ME??!!

BLJ: Oh look, a shoe!

BLJ: No seriously.  This is so dumb.

Okay Lumberjacks! *clap, clap* Get your axes!  Let's all sit together on the log.

Ooooor, make a Lumberjack Train.  That works to. Choo chooooo.

What?  What's the matter?  We're almost done here.

Lets just all sit down on the log again...

Okay, look here and say Cheese!

Cheese!  Cheese! Guys, give me a cheese!

Oh, for God's sake, this is heading downhill again.

Aaaaand, we've lost one.

Okay, one more time, let's try this again.

Aaaaand, we've lost another.

BJL: This is ridiculous.

BJL: Hey guys!  Little help here?  I'm stuck.  In a Bumbo.

BLJ: Oh Thank God, at least someone is responsible around here.

BLJ: Wait!  Wait! What are you doing? Why are you marching?  This is no damn parade.  Get me out of this thing!


Oh boy, the BLJ is dropping F bombs, time to wrap this up.

What?  What's the matter?  Oh, you don't want to go inside?

Oh, don't worry BgLJ, in just a few days we get to go trick-or-treating.

And that's a wrap folks.  

A day in the life of a lumberjack. See you next time.


CAS said...

OMG--- I laughed until I had tears!!!!! I loved that you posted all of these as this is pritty much how it goes when taking photos of kids and you MAY get one photo that actually resembles what you intended. But by posting all of these... you see the TRUE life of three boys taking pics! Or I mean three Lumber Jacks! Love It soooo much!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Ha!!! I loved the part where you said, "carry a saw, because that looks safe". Ha!!! Priceless. :)


Amanda said...

Seriously woman, you need to write a book!!! Hilarious :)

Kelly said...

Oh my! Love this post!!! The picture you chose and sent out was perfect. It's on our fridge right now... everyone that comes over comments on it. Total Cuteness!

Em said...

LOL! I loved this post. Just the comedic relief I needed today. :) And I'm so glad we're not the only ones whose pics of the kids are mostly just a collection of outtakes!

Jill said...

I'm with everyone else - I laughed till I had tears! If everyone could just appreciate what you go through to get that ONE DECENT PHOTO of 3 children, they would know just exactly how precious that picture is!!! SO glad you posted all of these and definitely feel your photo shoot pain! Miss you!