Friday, October 5, 2012

Working for the Weekend

Keaton, learning how to set mortar with Daddy and Papa on move-in day.

On Wednesday, the boys were helping Papa & Daddy built garage walls.  Holding tape measures, hauling 2x4's, you name it.  I asked if they wanted to go for a ride with me to the meat market to get something for dinner.  There were promises of cookies.  Keaton stood up, cocked is head to the side, scrunched up his nose and said, No. We're working.

I hope these boys always have this passion to work.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Kelly said...

Aww what sweet boys! They are going to be good, hard working men... that's for sure!

CAS said...

OMG! This pics melts my heart! Three generations of HARD WORKERS!!! I think it is in the Kono blood! I am convienced! I love Keaton's comment! He sure does love to work! Busha tells me all the time how he WANTS to "work" at her house. Yes, gotta love it! He has some great examples to live up to!

I Love Handmadestuff said...

such beautiful pics! i was surfing around cause i just blogged and then i was bored. Reading ur post and seeing the pics made me feel happy :) i miss my pop!

Jill said...

This is priceless - love to see them all working together and how much pride they'll all have in it once it's done! :)