Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome October

Ahhh, fall is here.  The trees are shades of yellow, orange, and red and I am so enjoying each and every drive we take through the country.  I've said it so many times that now even the boys are saying it - look at those trees, aren't they gorgeous?!

These pictures are all from last year.  While most of our pictures have been lost (unless I'm able to locate that external hard drive that I'm certain we pulled from the rubble, but am afraid was heavily water damaged) our pictures from last October might be the only that remain from 'before the fire'.  I never posted these because it was about this time that the pregnancy hormones kicked in and wrecked havoc on my body.  Looking back on them I think, wow, that was so long ago.  In so many ways.  The least of which is Hutty's hair.  Dang, that boy was BALD!

We've got a few pumpkins on our front stoop and put a strand of orange lights up on the coffee bar tonight.  We only have a couple of other Halloween items and I'm planning to put them out and decorate just a bit more this weekend. This is my favorite of all the seasons and while the last few months have zoomed right by us, I'm hoping to savor this one.  Welcome October!


Jeannine Breton said...

I loved the pictures. Your kids are cuties!
I have to agree on sheets. Do not like sleeping on pilly sheets,
that seemed nice when first washed. Visit me when you can.

Jill said...

I am SO glad you included that these were last year's photos because for a minute, I thought you cut off Hutt's hair! :) The pics are adorable!