Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Trick-or-Treating here was scheduled from 4 pm to 7 pm on Sunday night.  After the boys came home sick on Friday night (all three of them, Nolan's started on Wednesday, Hutt followed on Friday and Keaton's came on quickly Friday evening) I was afraid all of our weekend Halloween plans would be canceled.  And most of them were, but the kids rallied enough to get dressed up on Sunday afternoon and head out to get some candy.

The boys decided to be lumberjacks this year.  I debated having Nolan be Babe the Blue Ox but then we were at a wedding recently and the mom of an old friend of ours was holding Nolan and she said to me "he's so strong, like a lumberjack!" and right there I knew he couldn't be an ox.  He was a lumberjack, just like his big brothers.

We headed out right at 4 pm, thinking the boys wouldn't last long with their colds, and met our friends Tanya and Jason and their two little boys at a nearby subdivision.  

The boys were a little timid at first but then warmed up to the idea. Hutton carried his bucket AND his ax around the entire block.  

When we were done there, we headed over to Collin's grandma's house so she could see the boys.  We also met up with my brother and sister-in-law and the kids' cousins.

Hutton had fallen asleep on the way, but Keaton was ready to rock.  He and his cousins ran from house to house, just like old pros.  It was pretty adorable.

Of course no good trick-or-treating event comes without a little mischievous   

See that ghost there behind Keaton?

And you see Hutton eyeing him up?

As soon as Hutt got his candy he took a swing at that ghost with his ax, just like any good 'ol lumberjack would do.

(No ghosts were harmed during our trick-or-treating)
(The owners also laughed.)
(Hutt had a talking to about no chopping Halloween decorations.)
(After I was done laughing)

Nolan was such a trooper, he stayed awake through the entire thing and never complained.  Even at stop #2 when his eyes were watering and his nose was running.

As I was going through my pictures that night I came across this one.  It is my favorite. Sometimes they fight so much that I forget they really do love each other.

By the time we arrived home at the end of the night, Keaton was out cold.  All that running and fresh air did him in.  Hutton was still awake though, so as is proper on a Halloween night, the candy was dumped and the sorting (and eating) began.


CAS said...

They are the cutest lumberjacks I've ever seen!!!! Love it!

Gail Harper said...

Oh. My. Stinking. Goodness!! That is so CUTE! I <3 little Kono Lumberjacks! What a GREAT idea! And way to go Hutt - you chop all those ghosties, bud! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I think all the kids had blast. Thanks for coming with us. We'll have to plan that again for next year. And I love the last picture of Hutt and his treasures of the night. Especially the big bag of "Pumpkin Poop". Only Tiffany!!! :)


Amanda said...

Very cute lil lumberjacks and SO fitting for their personalities :) The boys said it was cool that the Kono boys were Paul Bunyan for Halloween!

Em said...

So glad you decided to make them all lumberjacks. Seriously...soooo cute! Loved our card and seeing the trick-or-treating pics!