Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tales from the Sea (Okay, Lake. Whatever)

This past weekend we packed the car, loaded the boys, and headed south to Milwaukee where we promised them a ride on a Big! Boat!  We had told them of the trip only a few days before, because I knew if we shared the news any earlier our entire house would be packed by one Mr. Keaton.

Have I told you about how he likes to "pack"?  Anything and everything.  Friday morning, the day before we left, he was refusing to go to school because, Mom!  Dad!  I have so. much. packing. to do.  And, and, if I have to go to school then tomorrow morning when you say, Teaton!  I won't be ready to go, because I'll still be packing.

Yes.  He said that.  All of that.

We managed to make it out of the house with only a few extra pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.  Honestly, I was actually surprised at how much room we had left in the back of the car.

Once in Milwaukee, we boarded the Lake Express and set sail for Michigan.  Destination: Miss Lily's 1st Birthday Party.  Unfortunately, our boat didn't dock until mid-party so we got there late and missed most of the festivities, but, it was still so great to spend some time with Ember and Drew, to catch up with Gail, and chat with Ember's parents. The boys had a ball playing, Hutt stayed up partying with us until almost 10 pm, and I don't think any of us were ready to leave the next morning (note to self, next trip add an extra day, you won't regret it.)

The only thing that got the kids out without too much trouble was the promise of another boat ride.  We had a couple of 2/3 yr-old behavior issues on the trip, but for the most part I was really happy with the way they traveled.  Some highlights of the boat ride for me:

* Keaton taking his head phones off at the beginning of Madagascar 3 and (loudly) announcing, Mom!  I have TWO favorite songs.  This one aaaand Sexy and I Know it! 

* Hutton, grabbing the chair handles any time the boat rocked and saying "Hold on tight!"

When we got back into Milwaukee on Sunday we spent the day with April and Josh and finally got to meet their new beautiful baby girl.  The boys, oh our dear boys, oh, they were in rare form.  But they did have a blast playing with Odie, the cat.  And trying to concoct a plan to climb to the top of Odie's play tower.  Hutton.  Hutton was going to climb to the top of Odie's tower.  Man that kid is determined when he sets his mind to something. 

Our weekend jaunt was short, but oh so sweet. Many thanks to Em & Drew and April & Josh for taking us in and feeding us this weekend!

That night when I asked Hutton what his favorite part of the day was an he told me, Yily's birfday party.  Awwww....Happy 1st Birthday, Lily Mae.


Gail Harper said...

It was so great to see you and catch up - a little! Next time, you must stay longer - like a week at least! Glad you had a good trip, I'm sure it did your soul some good! <3

CAS said...

If I could only get through one of your posts without crying... it would be a miracle! I just love those boys so much and love hearing what they say and do! Ohhhh boy though it makes me miss them!

Em said...

Thank you guys so much for coming! It was definitely too short of a trip (just like our last one to see you!), but we soaked up as much of the Konos as we could while you were here. It was so fun watching all three of the boys and seeing their own little personalities--something I haven't had much of a chance to do. And Nolan, of course, is absolutely adorable and getting cuter every day. I'm glad that the weather for your boat ride on the big lake worked out for the never know this time of year! Can't wait until we can see you all again. xoxo