Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Magic Cookies

This past weekend Collin, Nolan, and I traveled across the state for a family wedding.  The big boys, meanwhile, got to spend the weekend at home, with Mimi. As we were walking out the door Saturday morning Hutton was crying, No! No! He wailed, don't take Nolan.  Leave Baby Nolan here!  He could have cared less that Collin and I were leaving; he was just so upset that we were taking Nolan with us.

We finally managed to distract him long enough to sneak out the door and head north to Hwy 29.  Since we needed to be in Prescott by 2 pm for the ceremony, we took the quickest route possible. 

It was a good weekend.  We got to spend time with friends and family, including Cas & Ben, which was really, really nice.

On Sunday, Collin and I decided to just slowly mosey our way home.  Instead of taking the Interstate we jumped on Hwy 10 going east, which led us through some beautiful cliffs, rolling farmland, and some tiny little towns.  Due to high winds the previous few days the leaves were mostly gone from the trees, but it was a pretty drive anyway. 

We left without eating breakfast because we were set on stopping at The Loft for lunch. Looking for auctions or antiques, Collin found this little pit stop online earlier in the week.  We didn't have the exact address on us when we arrived in town and instead of stopping the car and getting my phone from the back, we decided to head downtown and just see if we could find it.  Up and down Main Street we went.  Up and down, up and down.  Having no luck what-so-ever we pulled the car over and resorted to using my phone. 

Ahh ha!  It was on the other side of the Interstate.  We headed over 94 and found The Loft tucked behind a couple of diners and gas stations.  I knew almost as soon as we pulled in that it was a bust.  I mean, it was fine for a wine and cheese stop, but we were hoping for a little mom-and-pop joint to eat lunch.  This just wasn't it. 

But!  What do they say?  The journey is more important than the destination?  Or something like that?  Well, in our attempts at finding this on our own, we happened upon Norske's Nook in downtown Osseo. I looked at Collin holding the pizza info and said, let's go back to Norske's.  It didn't take him even a second to put that list down and agree.  So back into Osseo we went.  The wait was only 5 minutes, Nolan coo'ed up a storm, and before we knew it we were eating home cooked cream of chicken with mashed potatoes and potato soup.  And oh my gosh, it was a perfect meal for a chilly, breezy, fall day.

We followed lunch with a piece of pie where I decided I need to 1) eat more pie and 2) learn how to bake a mean pie.  On our way out the door we stopped at the bakery and ordered up a dozen giant chocolate chip cookies to go.

That night, after we got home and saw Mimi off, I was trying to get the boys to come out and eat dinner.  They weren't really having it so I bribed them with a promise of a giant chocolate chip cookie. 

A giant one?  Keaton asked.  Like, this big?  He said as he held up his hands.

This big.  I said as I made the circle even bigger.

They sprinted to the kitchen and gobbled down leftovers from Friday night.  Afterwards Collin went into the pantry and emerged with two chocolate chip cookies. 

Except.  EXCEPT!  He did not bring out the giant cookies.  Trying to fool them (and prevent them from having too much sugar in the evening) he tried to pull a fast one on them, by giving them a normal sized cookie.

I rolled my eyes as soon as he came out and gave him a 'you are so mean' look.  And Keaton asked, that's giant??

Feeling at least partially guilty he took the cookies back and told the boys "Watch!  These are MAGIC COOKIES! When I take them in here they will grow bigger!"

The boys stood up on the bench trying to sneak a peek in the pantry, they were so excited to see the magic cookies grow.  They were bouncing up and down when Collin came back out and presented them with two GIANT cookies.

Ohhhh!!!  Dad!! They exclaimed as their eyes grew huge and they turned the cookies over and over in their hands.  They grew!!  These are MAGIC!!  And GIANT!

And then suddenly Keaton thrust his cookie back at Collin and with much excitement and anticipation asked - Can you take this one back and make it EVEN BIGGER??!!


Kelly said...

Ha! That is the cutest thing ever! That Keaton is one smart cookie (hehe... I'm so funny). Sounds like a nice weekend.

CAS said...

It was so great to see you last weekend!!!!! I miss those three boys already! Christmas can't get here fast enough now!

Em said...

Aw...that is so cute! I can just see their surprised faces when the cookies grew! Adorable. I loved reading about your drive through the country and the lunch spot you found. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a few hours on a fall afternoon!

Jill said...

I loved this post! I read it on my phone and kept meaning to come back and comment on it - SO precious! I wish I had some magic cookies sometimes too :)