Friday, October 19, 2012

Dear Nolan: 5 Months

Dear Nolan,

A couple of weeks ago you turned five months old. I held off on writing this letter because a week after the occasion you had a well-baby visit and I wanted to make sure I recorded your stats here. Of course, I didn’t mean to hold of this long, nor did I mean to lose the paperwork that housed all of this information. This seems to be our life lately, one misplaced item after another in a sea of boxes and totes that still need to be unpacked. Your Dad and I are flailing a bit these days, trying to take things slowly and be patient while life just keeps zooming by. So while I don’t have all of the information I wanted to put here, I do remember a few key things, for instance, your weight. Around four months we were in the doctor because you were sick and you weighed in (with your clothes on) at 14 lbs. So I was pretty surprised when your official weight at 5 months was 13 lbs 15 oz. I believe this was in the 10th percentile for babies your age. While I don’t remember your length or head circumference I do remember that your length was in the 15th percentile and your head circumference jumped up a notch on the growth chart. Despite the decline in weight from last month, you are growing nicely and while you remain in the lower percentiles, your curve looks good.

As I alluded to above, this has been a busy month for our family. But, we have big news. Exciting news! This month, we moved home. I know you won’t remember living in the duplex and you won’t remember having to squeeze into a queen size bed with your old mom and dad and brothers. I know you won’t remember this move or the first nap you took in your new room. You won’t remember the day we set up your nursery or your first night in your crib. But I will. I will never forget your wee little body on that big (looking) crib mattress camped out in the middle of the floor. You slept on that several times, surrounded by boxes, before your crib and nursery furniture arrived. You slept so well in fact that as soon as your crib did come, we moved you in there during the night. While you do usually make your way into our bed at some point during the night, you are no longer going down to sleep in your bassinet. I have mixed feelings about this. It makes me so happy that you sleep so well in there, but a little sad that my baby is inching his way to being a big boy.

And speaking of big boy, you, you little stinker, found your toes this month. You’ve always been pretty content lying on your back but now I’d say you love it. No matter where I lay you down, in your crib, on your play mat, on the changer, instantly you curl those feet up and grab your toes, nom, nom, nomming on them to your heart’s content. It actually makes diaper changes a bit tricky because you don’t really like to let go of them and you are not necessarily happy when I pry them out of your mouth.

In addition to your toes, you’ve also started putting anything and everything into your mouth. You’ve kind of reached that piranha stage where your little head twitches and your hands instinctively fly up to your face any time something comes in contact with them. While you haven’t actually popped a tooth yet, I think we are definitely in the beginning stages because it seems these days that you must be gnawing on something at all times.

You are still a very happy baby. I was trying to think of the right word to describe you, laid back kept coming to mind, but that didn’t feel entirely right and then Busha nailed it. Good natured. That is it right there. You are such a good natured little guy and people comment on your big smiles and constant chatter all the time. Being a third child I was afraid you might be quiet, as you soaked up everything your brothers did, but oh dear Lord you are anything but a wall flower. In fact, at five months, you command a room. People notice you and love to love on you. I also have a strong feeling you will keep up with your brothers just fine. The other morning I heard you grunting in bed and when I looked Hutt had rolled a little too close to you and you were, quite literally, pushing him away. Ahh, my little boy, those big brothers better watch out as you get older.

At five months you are still wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You drink 4 ounce bottles and after an eating strike earlier this month (where you were down to only 1 bottle during the day) you are now again eating 2-3 while at Busha’s. You hate your car seat and anything to do with the car (unless you are sleeping), you don’t enjoy being carried down stairs, and you could do without your morning vitamin (I don’t blame you, it smells pretty gross). But you love people talking to you and walking you around. You like being pushed in a shopping cart and hearing your brothers call you “yittle buddy”. If you ask me, you are growing too big, too fast, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about what this next month will hold.

I love you Little Buddy,


Em said...

He is such a sweetheart, Kate. I loved being able to see him this weekend: hold him, snuggle him, smell his sweet little head. I love how smiley and giggly he is. The "commanding a room" description was so right on. You saw how everyone was all about him as soon as you guys walked in yesterday. So fun seeing all of you this weekend. Thank you SO MUCH for coming! I only wish we had more time I always feel after each visit with you all. xoxo

CAS said...

He does bring so much joy to those around him! I love those pics with him grabbing his toes! He does love them and the cooing is music to the ears!

Jill said...

This is a beautiful post - thank you for sharing all of his little moments - makes me feel like I'm there! We need to get up and see you guys again cause he's growing too fast! I'm so glad he's adjusted well to the new house and loving his crib!