Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Off to School Party

There are a few blogs I've labeled as "inspiration" in my Reader.  I look at them on nearly a daily basis for their creativity, peaceful parenting tactics, and joy of life; one of those blogs is Nie Nie Dialogues.  Stephanie is an inspiration in so many ways, one of which is her enthusiasm for mothering. Each year she throws her children a Back to School dinner and when I was reading about this year's celebration I knew I wanted to do this for the boys.

I thought about keeping it a surprise for Keaton but in the end decided to tell him.  I'm so glad we did.  He was so excited and for days kept talking about his "Off to School Party." 

It felt only fitting to decorate using green and blue, Keaton's and his cousin J's, favorite colors. Both of whom will be heading to preschool for this first time this fall.

Crowns were adorned...

...and stars were hung. 

(These are the same stars Stephanie has made each year and can be found here.  They can be engraved with anything and are really, really beautiful.)

As we sat down for lunch we said a prayer for our big school boy:

Loving God, bless Keaton on his first day of school.  He is your beloved child, with whom you are well pleased.  Keep him safe in Your loving arms, no matter where he is.  Comfort also Mommy and Busha, who will miss him while he is at school.  Bless Daddy, Hutton, Nolan, and Papa, also, and bring us all together at the end of the day. Amen.
And then we celebrated with lunch and horns and suckers.

And just before the day was done Keaton got a few small Off to School gifts.

Including his very own art bucket from Busha, just like he has at her house.

Tomorrow is his official first day and while he seems nothing but excited I'm a jumble of emotions. A new chapter, it is beginning.


Em said...

This is so sweet. I remember you telling me about that blog a while back, and about her idea for the Back to School dinner. Another fun tradition you've started! I can't believe Keaton is off to preschool already. Hope everyone adjusts well!

Jill said...

What a great idea! (Hannah's b-day party probably doesn't count!) :) I'll have to aspire to do that next year! Ben started Tuesday as well (just sent you a pic in email) and he LOVED it! Can't wait to read your blog about Keaton's first day!

CAS said...

Somehow I missed this post.. I've been slacking on reading posts lately. But oh how I love his party! Such a big boy!