Tuesday, September 18, 2012

House Update: Crunch Time

It's crunch time at the house.  I've taken this coming Thursday/Friday and next Monday/Tuesday off of work to get rooms cleaned/stuff moved/the house set up.  And while I'm so excited! And, the time is here! We're about to move home! The stress in this place is palpable. There is still a lot that needs to come together in these next few days for it all to work out. Electricians need to come back, the drywaller needs to put up a fire wall in the garage, HVAC people need to finalize things and all of this needs to be done so the inspector can come in and grant us occupancy.

Meanwhile, our first furniture deliveries came last Friday.  The boys' bedroom furniture came yesterday and our mattresses will be here today.  We're moving at breakneck speed and just praying things go accordingly.

Collin and I are trying hard not to kill each other.  For the most part we're doing okay, until one of us has a moment of frustration or stress over load, sadness (oh, yes, it is still very much there) or depression.  He asked me yesterday, am I just depressed?  I don't know, I told him, I'm struggling through my own feelings of guilt after seeing our house loaded with brand new furniture.  I just want to be happy and excited and instead I'm having these conflicting feelings.  Seeing everything, all at once, brand new and shiny just feels....I don't even know what the feeling is I'm trying to describe. It's a very odd feeling that has me tugging in all different directions. We've wondered if we shouldn't have replaced everything, if we should have waited and looked longer for some things.  But back in March, when we made these purchases we were just so overwhelmed.  We're still overwhelmed.  I remember sitting down for lunch with Collin and saying - this is how we are tackling this, once we have  room repurchased we aren't thinking about it anymore.  There is too much to purchase, too many other items on our to-do list, we need to cross this off and move forward.  And we did that.  But since then we've become really moved by finding old pieces at auctions, pieces that have more history and, well, I don't know, it feels odd now having all this new stuff.  The thing I keep falling back on is a conversation I had with my aunt this summer.  I was explaining this and said, we just didn't feel like we had time to look around and she looked me in the eyes and said, you didn't have time.  And I'm trying to remember that.  These purchases had to be made within one year or we couldn't get reimbursed for them.  Auctions are really fun and awesome, but they aren't a guaranty.  Even when you find something you like, we're finding, does not mean you will come home with it.  So I'm trying to reconcile my feelings.  Trying to let go of the negative feelings of guilt and worry and sadness and embrace this new house and most of all, try to make it a happy time for the boys.

As I was looking at pictures last night I realized most of the updates have occurred to the outside of the house. The siding is up on the north, south, and part of the west side of the house.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of that.  The stone has been added to the face of my office wall - I believe they are coming back to add just a bit more around the front door entry.

The digger came last Wednesday to dig the footings for the new garage wall and third stall.

The face of the garage will be pushed out about 6 feet as we built into the existing garage to add a laundry room and coat (bed) room (as Keaton calls it.) Since we are also adding a third stall because we could never fit the lawn mower, etc into the garage, the garage doors will now be on the front, rather than on the side.

As you can imagine, seeing the digger made one little boy very happy.

That same day my mom and I spent the afternoon out at the house cleaning the master bedroom, office, and living/dining room getting it ready for the furniture delivery.  We also hung curtains in the boys' room.  We had to take Keaton and Nolan's down so she could hem them at home, but here is a sneak peek at Hutton's room.

The two big things  that have occurred inside the house have been the flooring in the dining room/hallways/living room and the counter tops and back splash in the kitchen.  These pictures were taken last week, before furniture, so later this week I can show you the rooms set up.

Dining room floor

Panning into the living room - you can see we also put the door on the wood storage room.  Oh, and a peek at one of Collin's auction finds - the clock on the mantle. I'm really excited to show you all of our auction finds.

Living room floor
In the kitchen the counter tops have been put on.  We went with black.  I was a little nervous at first, but I'm really glad we did it.  We also decided on a tin back splash.  We debated between tin and tile and in the end chose tin.

That's it for now.  My goal this Thursday/Friday is to get the bedrooms and bathrooms cleaned and set up.  If all goes according to plan, I hope to have more pictures then!


Gail Harper said...

Oh Kate! It looks fantastic! I'm so happy for you all! But, the one thing I kept thinking is, you have your whole lives ahead of you, there is PLENTY of time to make this new house a home again. To put your personal touches in it. There will be time to go to auctions and change out the new stuff for well loved pieces. That's part of the fun. Buying a piece you love, and seeing if you can sell the old piece for more than the new piece is half the fun! How do you think Craig's list got to be what it is, right? We're learning too what works, what doesn't, what we want, what we don't, what to sell what to keep. As I get older, it's becoming less and less. Remember what I said yesterday, the outcome will be the same whether you react or not. Just breathe and when that's not enough, BREATHE deeper!

Sarah said...

Your new kitchen looks amazing! I love all the new pictues of the house. Good luck as you move! Once you are living there, and the boys are filling the house with laughter and memories, it will quickly start to feel like home!