Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dear Nolan: 4 Months

Dear Nolan,

I’m looking at the calendar and realizing, yup, you are officially four and a half months old today. I knew I was behind on writing this four month letter to you, but I guess I didn’t realize I was that late. I had purposely put it off in hopes of making you a 4-month well visit and getting some official stats to record here but when I finally made the call we weren’t able to make you an appointment until early October, when you will be five months old. But, as luck would have it, or, well, maybe I shouldn’t say luck, you, Hutton and I all ended up at the doctor’s office last week with a viral infection and we got an unofficial weight on you after all. 14 lbs., that’s what you weighed in at at just over four months.

This has been a really great month for you in that you have become a really happy, happy little boy. Strangers are always asking us, is he always this happy? Or commenting, wow, he is smiley! And you are. I mean, there are times when you are fussy; you are not fond of your car seat and when you’ve been sitting without attention for too long, you let us know. But typically once we take you out or pick you up you stop fussing and start cooing and giggling and laughing. Oh, your giggles, they are the absolute best. Just tonight I had you lying on the bed and was tickling you and you were shouting in laughter and I realized you have a way of melting all of our stress away. And Baby Boy, I thank you for that.

This month you have also started interacting with your toys. You really love your activity mat and will lay on it for quite awhile before becoming bored. You’ve found yourself in the mirror and like to chat and talk with the baby, but your favorite accessory is the little green frog that hangs just over your tummy. You like to bat at it and listen has it clangs and knocks into other toys. You also love your giraffe that is attached to your car seat. You look at it and swing your fists at it when you waiting patiently to be loaded in the car, and just today I noticed that you were hanging on tight to the rings around his neck. Your brothers also love your giraffe and will argue over which side it is on in the car. I don’t think you really care as long as he is there, looking at you.

Your big first for this month is that you started rolling over. I feel really guilty admitting that I had to ask Busha if you were rolling yet. Here’s the deal buddy, you have two big brothers who are, how should I put this? A little rough. So I’m going to be honest, you don’t get a ton of floor time at home. If I’m busy making dinner or folding laundry I can’t trust leaving you on the ground without being right next to you. So in those cases you are either in your bouncer or in your bassinet. But Busha makes sure you get plenty of floor and tummy time (she’s good like that, that Busha of yours.) And the other day when I saw you roll for the first time I asked her to confirm for me and she said yes, you are rolling from front to back and back to front. You roll right off of her activity mat.

At four months you are a drooling monster who loves to talk and talk and talk, and then you talk some more. You’ll let just about anyone hold you but, if I’m being honest, Mommy is your favorite (and I’m completely fine with that, that never needs to change!) You like bath time and sit pretty well on our laps for dinner. You get very fussy around 7:30 or 8:00 each night and remind us that it is bed time. You suck on your hands, especially when you are hungry, and typically take 4 ounce bottles. You are now wearing 3-6 months clothes and need to be moved into size 2 diapers. As difficult as this year has been you have been our shining star, our bit of happy. Each day I look at you and thank God he sent you to us, I don’t know what this family would do without you.

I love you Little One,


CAS said...

I love it! Thanks for posting. I love how the boys each have their own personalities. I love the pic of the three of them at the end! Please make them STOP growing until I can see them again!!!! So glad it will be in a few weeks because boy am I having nephew withdrawels.

Jill said...

Happy 4 months, sweet boy! I can't believe that much time has passed already!