Wednesday, September 5, 2012

County Fair and a Play Date

In the past we've spent the majority of our Labor Day weekends up at the cabin, but between needing to work at the house and with Keaton starting school we felt like we needed to stay home this year. So instead, we started some new traditions.  Our Off to School Party was on Sunday; on Saturday we took the kids to the county fair.

 Those of you who I grew up with, or who are close to Earlville now, know that the bar for county fairs has been set really high by The Sandwich Fair.  I have yet to find a fair up here that even begins to compete with our beloved Sandwich Fair.  This one, held in Rosholt, was definitely better than any of the others we've been to and yet, it holds nothing against The Sandwich Fair.  Ahhhh...can you tell I'm getting nostalgic?

We did see some animals though; the boys' favorite was (surprisingly, to me) the geese.  While mine was, of course, the sheep.  Let's not talk about the time I called the sheep, goats.  (I do not foresee Collin letting me live that one down any time soon.)

And then we headed back to the rides, my phone takes the crappiest pictures ever, but you can get the idea, and the games.  We let them play one pick-a-duck game that cost $5 but Winner Ever Time!! 

Before we left we indulged in a corn dog.  There is nothing like a fair corn dog.  And Collin and I both desperately wanted an elephant ear, but we had to pass.  Not because we are trying to lose weight (although we are) but because we couldn't figure out how to carry all of our children PLUS an elephant ear.  That's a sad sad day when you leave a fair without an elephant ear.

On Labor Day our friend, Amanda, graciously offered to bring her boys over to play while I worked on inventorying.  Amanda is one of the craftiest people I know and the boys loved the art projects and play time with her two little boys.  And Mama felt so good having gotten a very good start on another list.  Its been about 5 months since I've touched any of this and just sitting down and working felt so good.  Thank you so much, Amanda, for allowing me to get some stuff done!!

And then, just like that, our long weekend was over and it was back to the grind.  But, we have an exciting week this week with Keaton starting school today so while we were all a bit sad to see it end, I think we were also all a bit excited for what is to come....

First Day of School pictures up tomorrow!


Jill said...

Ooohhh...the Sandwich Fair - haven't been there for ever!! Glad you were able to find one that is good! And I SO agree with you, hands down, there is no better corn dog than one from a fair - that is the first booth I go to at the fair!! :)

And Yeah for inventorying (is that a word?!) :) Glad Amanda was able to help you out and the boys had a good play date!! (Let me know about the 19th/20th when you get a chance).

Great post!! :)

Amanda said...

You're MORE than welcome my dear, we had a blast and I got my baby snuggles :) I will send pics soon! Love ya!