Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vacation Journaling 2012: The night we arrived - Fishing & Paddle Boats

We pulled in just before 5 pm Friday evening.  If it weren't for the fish fry Papa Grizz had planned and was ready to start I think the boys would have been down to the dock within 10 seconds.

As it was, as soon as those last forks hit the table we were off.

"Take me fishing, Papa Grizz!" said the 3-year old.

"Water boat!" Said the 2-year old (he meant paddle boat)

So fishing and paddle boating is how we spent the rest of the evening.

Until jammies that is, then Keaton sat out on the porch, determined to see that 300 lb bear that has been reported in the area.

Ahhh, the cabin.  We are so glad to be back up here.  A week to enjoy all the beauty and sounds of the Northwoods.

My favorites from tonight:
Sound: the bullfrogs under the dock.
Sight: the boys, so excited to be back on the dock.

Thing that made me laugh: keaton, calling the bullfrogs "Chew Frogs" - They're eating the dock, he tells us.


Jill said...

So sweet! Looks very peaceful! Can't wait to be doing the same thing in about 5 days! Have a good week!

Kate said...

Jill, hope you guys have a safe trip. Enjoy! Can't wait to see your pics and hear stories!