Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation Journaling 2012: Days 6 & 7 - Oppressive Heat and a Lumberjack Show

On Wednesday evening we watched the news; "oppressive heat," my dad said.  That's what they were calling for on Thursday.  I made the decision right then that we wouldn't be leaving the cabin on Thursday.  We'd be hanging out inside, with our new friend, the portable air conditioner.  After the parade on Wednesday Nolan had a pretty rough afternoon.  While I now think this was partially due to him needing an adjustment to his reflux meds, I also think it had a lot of it had to do with getting overheated.  I stripped him down on Wednesday and that helped, but he was still fussy pretty much all day.

My dad and uncle hit the lake on Thursday afternoon to do some kayaking while my mom, aunt, cousin, and her friend went shopping in Eagle River.  This left the cabin to Collin, the boys, and I.  After playing outside in the morning, the boys and Collin napped while worked on Thank yous and Birth Announcements.  Unfortunately this had a negative effect on me and almost instantly turned my mood sour; it was the reminder of home, the reminder of all that we have on our plates right now.  But I did get a few items in the mail and I am happy about that.  (Side note: I'm working on birth announcements alphabetically and reverse alphabetically (A, Z, B, Y, etc.) and I'm sending them out as I get them done, so if a friend/family member has received theirs and you are still waiting, it's coming.  Slowly.)

When everyone came home that evening we took the boys swimming at the lake and then had a late spaghetti dinner.


Thankfully Friday wasn't supposed to be as humid. While it was still hot, the air definitely felt a little better.  Since we had been cooped up all day on Thursday we knew we needed to get out and do something with the boys.  All week long we had been telling them at the end of the week they'd get to see a lumberjack, and so, a Lumberjack Show was on the docket.

After breakfast we packed them up and headed for Woodruff/Minocqua.  On the way we hit up a flea market, where Keaton walked around saying "This is some old stuff.  This stuff is OLD, Dad. I need some air; can you get me out of here?" We did find an old suitcase, which I had on my wish list and a couple of old (ha! I guess he was right) wooded peach crates that we tentatively plan to use in the pantry. After lunch we drove around a bit and then headed for the arena.

Timing wise it wasn't the best; it was a 2 pm show and we had to wake Hutt up for it and the air in the bandstand was not moving at all, so it was pretty hot.  In retrospect we should have chosen a night show (note to self for next time.)  Keaton watched intently but the band stand had spaces between the risers and I was terrified he was going to fall through the whole time.  We had to be up high to be out of the sun for Nolan, who screamed at the beginning of the show and there was no breeze for Hutton, who radiates heat and so he, too was pretty fussy.  All of this combined led us to leaving at the intermission, so we ended up missing part of the show.  But, I know the boys enjoyed what they did see because they have been busy playing lumberjack ever since we got home.

There are 10 events with competing lumberjacks in the show:

* Logrolling (Birling)
* Power sawing
* The pole climb
* The canoe joust
* Ax throw
* The boom run
* The springboard chop
* The obstacle course
* Cross cut saws
* The underhand chop

As well as some comedy entertainment thrown in for good measure.

When I asked Keaton what his favorite part was he said it was yelling Yo-Ho! to welcome/cheer on our lumberjack team and the springboard chop:

He's been springboard chopping his way up Papa & Busha's trees ever since.

I'm sad we missed some of the events, but seeing the kids play now I know they at least took in what we did see and they enjoyed it.  We plan to go back next year and hope everyone can make it through the whole show.

My favorite parts of the day:
Sound: The lumberjack music before the start of the show.  It was music we used to listen to on vacations growing up as kids and it took me back.
Lumberjack event: The pole climb.
Taste: The Lake Tomahawk butcher's shop BBQ ribs we cooked on the grill for dinner.


CAS said...

Yo- HO!!! Love it... and my favorite... hearing Keaton's comment about the "old stuff" at the Flea Market... I'm with you Keaton.. I'd probably be saying the same thing! Oh and by the way.. I am in an itching mood for a dance party with the nephews... perhaps a Skype date soon? Love you guys

Jill said...

This sounds awesome...I've always wanted to see a lumberjack show! So glad the boys were able to get into it, despite the heat!