Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation Journaling 2012: Days 1 & 2 - Boat Rides and S'mores

Saturday was the most perfect of days.  After breakfast and a morning walk with all three boys we decided we'd take the boat out on the big lake for a ride and a picnic lunch against the shore.

Keaton had been out on the big boat before, but I'm pretty sure this was Hutton's first ride.  I wasn't exactly sure how either of them would do - would they get scared?  bored?  Would it be worth all the effort of packing up the boat, putting it in the water, loading it back up at the end?

The answer is yes.  Most definitely, yes.  Totally worth it.  The boys loved it.  "Go faster, Papa Grizz!" they yelled and then squealed as the tip of the boat rode high up into the air and we took off.  When we reached speed the tip would find the water again and a nice spray of cool water would hit our sun-kissed faces.  Each time I closed my eyes, hoping to savor the moment.

Even Nolan loved the boat ride.  He was such a charm, sleeping peacefully under a light blanket.  As long as we were moving that is.  The hum of the motor, it's what he seemed to like the best.

After boating we spent some time swimming at the beach.  It was hard to get Keaton out of there; he would have stayed until dinner time if we would have let him.  But with the promise of returning the next day, we finally convinced him it was time to go home. 

During quiet time for the boys, I found a few moments to sit on the dock with a book (Fifty Shades of Grey, I'm finally reading it!) and that night we had a steak dinner and a visit from Uncle Buck.

A perfect first day of vacation.


Sunday arrived and we didn't have any plans set in stone.  Another morning walk, another great breakfast and it was decided that Mimi & Papa Grizz would take the big boys swimming while Collin, Nolan, and  I ran into town. 

Collin and I found the cutest little coffee shop serving paninis for lunch.  I've seen the sign a million times but we've never stopped.  I'm so glad we went in.  Definitely a place we'd return if we had another afternoon free.  That night we promised the boys a camp fire and s'mores.

Oh. And I promised myself a glass of wine.

We decided to forgo a sit-down meal for hotdogs over the fire and "the campfire book" about the Hodag was brought out.

And then it was time for S'mores. 

This is not Keaton's first rodeo.

In two short years, he has mastered the eating of a s'more.

He's also mastered the avoiding of my camera.

But Hutton?  Ahhh, Hutton.  Let me introduce to the bit of heaven that is a s'more.

A bit gooey, yes.

And sticky.

But oh so delightful. Enjoy, Little Boy.

Around 8 pm, when it was obvious no one was settling down for bed, Collin yelled to the boys; let's go for a car ride!

With the promise of looking for deer, bear, and oh yes, a hodag, they willingly loaded up and Collin was determined to get them to fall asleep.

An hour later they returned home, Keaton asleep and Hutton jabbering about a bear!  running!

On their ride the boys saw a rabbit, a deer, and not one, not two, but THREE (Three!!!) bear.  They were only 25 feet from the car (and not far from the cabin).  Collin's vacation has been made.

My favorites from the weekend:
Smell: Steaks on the grill.
Sounds: The call of the loon on our morning walks.
The hum of the boat motor on our ride.
Feel: The wind as the boat sped through the lake.
The sun hitting my skin as I sat on the dock.

Thing I don't want to forget: Keaton, while watching the bear - "Hutton, you have a bear on your jammies.  Okay Dad, let's go find the Hodag!"


CAS said...

Ahh- this post made my day! Loved hearing about how great your vacation is going! Enjoy up North! So cool that they saw three bears! and of course I love seeing pics of them- loved Hutts smores pics- yumm!

TeamNee said...

Kate you have inspired me! I'm going to journal our vacation that starts tomorrow and I'm going to give Ten her very own S'more to go wild with! :)

Jill said...

What a perfect couple of days! The pics of the boys with their s'mores are priceless! Great post!

Kate said...

Thanks girls! Nicole, enjoy your vacation - can't wait to hear how T likes the s'more!! :)