Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Journaling 2012: Day 8, our final day - Swimming in the Lake

Collin and I had been taking turns having the mornings off to ourselves.  I took my mornings to go into to the local coffee shop bright and early at 5:30 to blog and have a cup of coffee in peace.  Collin took his to go fishing.  Saturday morning was supposed to be Collin's, but we woke up late. 

"Well, what do you want to do today?" I asked him, figuring I'd give him a couple of hours to use his time without having to wrangle little boys.

"What I'd really like to do is have lunch with you."

Awww.  And so I asked my parents if they'd watch the kids for us for a couple of hours while we went back to the flea market (where we found some good steals, a dresser we plan to use as a coffee buffet, an old catcher's mitt for Hutt's new room, an old sled for a winter display, and an old 7-up crate we had planned on using for kids toys but Collin has decided he likes it too much for the boys to play with it.) and out to lunch. While we were gone Keaton got to take a trip to the dump (the highlight of his day) with Papa Gizz and Hutt got to go for a truck ride.

We had previously decided that Saturday would be our final day; we'd pack up after dinner, put the boys in jammies, and head home while they slept. So when we got home that afternoon we knew exactly what we needed to do: one final trip to the big lake to go swimming.

Swimming at Lake Mildred was probably the thing we did most over vacation, there was pretty much a daily trip, but Saturday was the first day I brought my camera.

The boys both love swimming at the lake.  Hutt is a little more cautious, while he likes to run in like his big brother, he stays just a little closer to shore. He loves playing with the sand and enjoys floating around out further as long as you're close to him.

Keaton is our little water dare devil. He likes to plow in at full speed, splashing and screaming as much as possible. He will run in over and over and over and then he'll swim out to Papa Grizz, where he can't touch the bottom, but he doesn't want you to help him. He would live in the water if we'd let him.

Nolan had to hang out under the trees, in the shade, this year but I'm so excited for next summer to see him join his big brothers at the lake.

Vacation 2012.  As I reflect on this past week I realize I totally over packed, we didn't have a chance to take the kayaks out, and Collin would have liked to do more fishing.  But oh, did we have a blast.  The boys loved all things lumberjack and we had a chance to decompress and unwind, really leaving our worries at home.

As this week comes to an end, I know it will be our favorite of the summer. 


CAS said...

oh how I love to see the smiles on these boys faces and that includes Collin's !!! So glad you had an afternoon together!

Jill said...

This had to be your best post - what a great way to sum it up! The pictures are awesome - you can just see the excitement and joy in their smiles! Glad you had such a great time! :)

CLAREW said...

My fav post of your vacation too :) I can just imagine myself yelling not to get the camera wet while they were splashing around yet having no idea what chaos was going on around when looking through the pics. Hope you had a relaxing vacation and enjoyed all that time with your boys!!!