Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vacation Journaling 2012: Day 3 - Camp 5, Laona, WI

Without intending to, the theme of this vacation has become "lumberjacks," which is a fun one for the boys because they love to be in the woods and cut trees with Papa, and fun for us as we get to explain the history to them, who (Keaton at least) are really starting to get it.

On Monday, Collin and I took the boys on the Lumberjack Steam Train to Camp 5 in Laona, Wisconsin. We took this same trip last year.

While last year it was more about the excitement of riding the train, this year Keaton was really into the museum as well.

But of course, the train ride was still a huge hit.

Even Nolan like it!  He was wide awake and content for the whole trip.

The 20 minute steam train ride takes you through the woods to the location of an old logging camp.

And on the way you pass by a "hobo camp." (The boys like to look out for this.)

Once there we ate a quick lunch and then headed for the museum.  This old tractor caught the eye of our little guys though, so we spent a considerable amount of time letting them ride it.

The museum highlights logging tools, a blacksmith shop, and a replica of a cook shanty and bunk house.

There are some interactive exhibits too, like this one.  Can you lift (almost) 100 lbs?

After the museum we headed to the barnyard and petting area.

The first thing my parents asked when we got home was "are those pesky horses still there?"  Yes.  The answer is yes. 

As we were leaving the barnyard an announcement was made that the next forest tour was leaving in 5 minutes.  Not knowing exactly what it was and thinking we were just going to be riding a small train pulled by a Bronco through the woods, we decided to catch it anyway.  We're so glad we did.  While it was pretty much what we expected they also highlighted all the trees in the woods and explained what each type is used for and how many it takes for those uses.  Keaton hardly made a peep for the first half of the ride, he was listening so intently.  For the second half though I felt him becoming heavier and heavier on my arm and sure enough, he had zonked out.

Since it was so hot that afternoon we decided to find a shady spot and let him nap while we waited for our train back to the station.

Meanwhile, I took Hutt into the general store and we found a green (Keaton) and blue (Hutton) tractor for the boys that he sat and played with while we tried to cool off.

On the ride back I asked the boys what their favorite part of the day was.

Keaton: The train ride, the cook shanty, and the bunk beds.
Hutton: Blue.  Or Food.  We're not really sure what he was saying.

On our way back to the cabin we stopped at an ice cream shop so I could nurse Nolan and Keaton could get a cone, as he slept through our ice cream while we were at camp and Hutton fell asleep on the way home.

My favorites from the day:
Taste: First ice cream cone with krunch topping, first of the season.
Sound: The whistle of the steam train, closing my eyes and imagining it was taking me back in time.
Part of the trip: The forest tour.
Funniest Moment: Collin and I, haphazardly trying to remove Nolan's poop covered romper at the ice cream shop.  Unfortunately he had poop on his leg, up his back, and covering his head before we were done.

Thing I don't want to forget: The look on Keaton's face as we rode through the forest.  Him looking up at me within the first five minutes and excitedly saying "Next time, I want to go on this AGAIN!" 

Tomorrow we're going to eat like a lumberjack!


Anonymous said...

My favorite part, seeing all the pictures of Hutt playing with the tractors. He is so darn adorable. And so content in those pictures. What a ham!!! Happy you guys are having such a good time. :)

CAS said...

I love this- ohh how I love these boys! My favorite part... seeing the pics and reading the "favorite parts" at the end!

Keep enjoying these moments and closing your eyes and soaking them in!

Kate said...

Keep sharing your favorite parts - this makes me smile! Miss you guys.

Jill said...

Looks like fun! I love the description of trying to change Nolan's diaper! We had a similar experience with Hannah on our way home from Canada...fortunately we were at the hotel, so we were able to just pop her in the tub! I mean really, how does the poop manage to get everywhere???!!! :)