Wednesday, July 25, 2012

TNO (Tuesday Night Off)

"So, were you able to make an appointment?"  He asked as soon as he walked in the door.

"No." I told him.  "They were booked."

"Well, do you want to try to get one for tomorrow night?"

Hmmm....where is this going I thought, as I gave him the squinty eye. 

"You're going to give me tomorrow night, too?"  And then it hit me.  "Oh!  What is it you want to do tonight?"

The guys called to ask him to play cards.  I hemmed and hawed.  I didn't really have any plans for tonight, but you know, I thought I had the night to myself.  Did I want to change that? 

I called the spa and they could get me in tomorrow night.  Relaxation massage.  My neck hurts. Partially, I think, from working out and partially from sitting at this table for hours on end again. I took the appointment.  He went to play cards.  I think we're both happy.

I told you about TNO - Tuesday Night Off, right?  Collin and I are rotating Tuesday nights to have free.  To do what we want.  To be free from parenting and housework and well, anything stressful.  I didn't really know what I was going to do tonight.  I had meant to ask a friend if she was free for dinner, but I never got around to sending the text.  My plan was to go to Noodles, make a list of things I need for the house, look around at Target and Kohl's and then go sit at Starbucks for awhile, to blog, read, catch up on emails, etc. 

I'm excited about my massage tomorrow.  I really, really love going to the spa.  While we can't afford for it to be too frequent of an outing I have decided that it will be my reward for hitting some weight lose goals.  I just started "dieting" (or whatever you want to call it, I really hate the word diet)  a couple of weeks ago.  Then I fell off the bandwagon the first week back to work and I'm trying to pick back up this week.  I'm 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (pre-pregnancy with both Nolan and Hutton).  I've got a long ways to go, but hitting my pre-pregnancy weight is my fist goal. 

It's been almost ten months since I've done any sort of exercise; I'm starting with the 30 day shred.  Although for these first few weeks I'm only planning on doing it 3 or 4 times a week.  I've only gotten one workout in so far this week, my goal is two more.

My bigger problem is the eating.  The portion sizes, the snacking (I like oreos), the soda (OMG, the soda!  I feel like I'm living on it), the quick, easy meals that aren't always the healthiest.  This is what will be my biggest struggle. 

If anyone has any books, recipes, workouts, anything really, to share, I'd be appreciative.

I feel like if I could just shed these first four pounds then maybe I'll get on  roll. 

I'm also hoping my massage tomorrow, at the start of this journey, will be a good motivator to get me in action.  Because I need to loose at least 4 pounds* before I'm allowing myself to go back.

* Maybe more, if these first 4 come of quickly (Please, Lord, let these first four come off quickly) then I'll need to hit my next goal before I go back.


CAS said...

Yeah for TNO, loosing weight and spa night- all things great! Enjoy

Jill said...

TNO...great idea! And kudos to you for attempting to "diet" and work out! I need to get motivated to do that too!