Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's talk about the zoo

"Can I just go grocery shopping real quick, without the kids?" I asked him mid-morning on Sunday.

And then I collapsed on the kitchen chair in tears.

Everything just feels like a set-back these days.  Even a one-hour trip to the grocery store.

We had originally said June.  Then it was July.  Now we are desperately hoping for September.  But honestly, I look at the calendar, look at our weekends over the course of the next month, and I wonder if that is even possible.  There is still so much work to do at the house before we can move in.  It's so far along and yet, there is just so much left.

We had plans to be away this past weekend but we canceled them.  We'll likely be canceling more as the weekends go on. I hate having to do it, but there really just is no other way, he has to be out there on evenings and weekends or this will never get done.

Then I look around here.  The boxes that still need sorting and organizing.  The birth announcements and thank yous that need to get in the mail.  The inventorying that needs to be done.  And I just....well, I cry.  Because I don't know what else to do, it's enough just trying to keep up with life these days.  Cooking, cleaning, raising children.  I don't even know where to fit the rest in.

We have friends coming up this weekend to watch the kids while Collin works and I sort and organize and shop (Oh yes!  There is all this shopping that needs to be done yet too!) and bust out some thank yous.  I can not tell you how grateful I am for them and how much I am looking forward to this weekend, to check some things off the to-do list.  To feel like something is getting accomplished. Because on my own, here with three kids, it feels impossible. And so I cry.

But enough about that....let's talk about the zoo.

On Saturday we dropped Collin off to work and then the boys and I met my friend, Amanda, and her kiddos at Animal Haven Zoo in Weyauwega.

While I've heard about this from others, it was our first visit.  I like that the sign says "Farm-Zoo" because that's exactly what I'd call it. The first have is more barnyard type animals while the second half is more of your typical zoo animals (lions, tigers, bears).

When I asked the boys to tell me their favorite part, they both said it was feeding the goats.  I love goats. I want a goat.  Collin once said if I brought a goat home in my old car (Mitsubishi Eclipse) I could keep it.  I am still regretting not surprising him with a goat out my window.

My favorite part of the day though were the sheep.  Have you ever closed your eyes and just sat and listened to sheep baaa?  It sounds like a bunch of guys sitting around a card table, drinking beers, and belching. 

I've added a sheep to the list of farm animals I want.

Chickens.  A goat.  And sheep.

When I asked their least favorite part of the day, the consensus was: the stinky pigs!

It was hot out on Saturday, but I'm so glad we got out of the house, visited with friends, and saw some animals.  It was just what we all needed to release a little energy and anxiety.

Many thanks to Amanda for taking all these pictures!


Amanda said...

Ah the stinky pigs...that was our least favorite part too! Feeding the goats and deer was the boys favorite part. It was a hot day but I'm so glad you decided to make the trip :) Thank you for the blueberries, they were delicious!

Just remember, everything will come together. It may not seem that way now but soon you will be in the new house and enjoying life again :) Love ya!

CAS said...

Glad you got out of the house! And glad you are taking friends up on helping you out!

Kelly said...

OH man sounds like things are overwhelmingly busy for you guys. I feel for you on so many levels. I was just going to say... why don't you have someone (like your mom or friend) come and watch the boy's so you can get some stuff done. Ha!

I know you want to let everyone know how grateful you are for all they have done... but have you ever thought of just sending out a mass e-mail??? I know it's not personal but I'm pretty sure all that have given or helped you would be just as appreciative of that. As for the birth announcements... I would just get a list together and hand them to a family member to address for you. I have done that with Christmas Cards before... I mean we send out 100 a yr... and it's hard to address 100 cards when you work, have kid's and a house to handle. Asking for help does not make you weak... it means you’re smart enough to know your limits :D

OH and the grocery shopping… I’m pretty sure those exact words come out of my mouth a few times a month. LOL My FIL takes all 3 kid’s with him and goes grocery shopping every Wednesday. Every Wednesday I tell him he is nuts… Haha! I on the other hand either do my shopping Saturday morning… bright and early (like get there at 7AM when they open) or I go on Wednesday night after the kid’s are in bed. Like you I want to spend every free second I have with my kid’s and my husband is rarely home. I found these two times work the best… so I can get out and do it w/o a child in tow :D I shop at pick-n-save and they have double coupon day on those two days… so Greg is always willing to make it possible for me to go shopping one of those days. He likes to see the big savings at the end of the receipt :D

Cut yourself some slack. You will be in your home very soon by the sound of things and even when you’re in… you will have unpacking and all of that other fun stuff. Just remember that it will all get done eventually. Ask for help when you need it. I know you have a great support system that is willing to help when you ask. You have an awesome family and I know things will level out soon. It took my Aunt over a year to recover from her house fire (she lost everything as well) and she didn’t have any kid’s to deal with. It is not out of the ordinary to feel the way you do… so keep venting and keep trucking along. It will all pass soon!

I also love your zoo pictures! We went to a petting farm this weekend as well. It’s the simple things in life :D

Jill said...

Awww...here's a virtual hug! I'll give you a real one this weekend! I agree with what everyone else is saying - keep venting it...I'm sure it helps you to get your frustrations out. And even though it is a daunting task to recover...you guys have come SO far! I know it's baby steps, but each accomplishment makes you that much closer! You'll get there, one board at a time!

Also, it's totally normal that you can't get anything done with 3 little kiddos! I finally realized that and our days are much happier when I'm not trying to squeeze all the household chores in on my time with them - I consider getting a load of laundry in the washer a huge accomplishment on those days (that's just in the wash, not in the dryer or folded or put away!) :) I'm just trying to tell ya, you're not alone.

So looking forward to seeing you this weekend and hoping you can check off some of those "to-dos!" Can't wait!