Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Nolan: 2 Months

Dear Nolan,

While we were on vacation you turned two months old. Unfortunately I don’t have your official two month stats because your doctor’s appointment isn’t until tomorrow, when you will be closer to two and a half months, but last week I had you at the doctor’s to check up on your reflux meds and you weighed in at 10 lbs 10 ounces. At birth, you were the biggest of you three boys and at two months it looks like you continue to hold that title. Not by much, just a few ounces, but still, the biggest. I’m excited to see what percentiles you are in tomorrow.

 So. Your reflux meds. Ah, yes. Just after you turned one month I took you to the doctor, explained all that was going on, lots of spit-up, screaming/crying for hours after each feeding, arching your back, stiff as a board, throwing your head back, etc., and she agreed, it sounded like reflux. We started you on a low dose of meds just to see if it worked. It did. I mean, you still had crying fits/unhappy periods, but nothing like we were experiencing in those last few weeks. Slowly you became more of the happy baby you were the first few weeks of life. The thing with reflux meds though, is that as you grow, you also grow out of your dosage and right about the time you turned two months we started having some rough days again, which is why we were back at the doctor’s last week. We’ve increased your dosage again, and again, it is most definitely helping. You are generally content with just a little crying throughout the morning and afternoon with a now defined fussy time around dinner/early evening. This coincides nicely with your brothers’ getting hungry and makes this house a little slice of heaven around 5 p.m. I remember this exact same thing happening when Hutton was about your age so I know the screaming will get better, but for now, woo boy! dinner time hits and Mommy is ready to pop the wine bottle.

Two big things happened for you this month, you were baptized and you went on your first family vacation. On Saturday, June 16th, with a number of family and friends and your Godparents, Andy and Jill, by your side, you were welcomed into the Church and received the grace of Christ. As a family, this was a big day for us; the pouring of the water, the receiving of the light, the rubbing of the oil, all simple gestures that have such profound meaning. I know in the end, the religion you choose is just that, your choice, but I hope that the teachings you will be exposed to during these formative years will guide you to be a good Christian; but more importantly, a good person.

We took our family vacation, a week at the cabin, this year over the 4th of July holiday. Like previous years, it was a scorcher of a week. It seems every summer we pick about the hottest week possible to be Up North. It didn’t stop us from having fun though. Your first trip to Jim Pecks, Camp 5, Paul Bunyan’s, and a lumberjack show all went on despite the high temps. You also went on your first speedboat ride, saw your first fireworks, and spent time on the dock and at the big lake swimming. You had moments where you expressed your displeasure in being toted around in 90+ degree temps (at the lumberjack show, for instance), but for the most part you just went with the flow. Strangers kept commenting on you and asking how old you were and I was more than happy (and proud) to show you off.

The jury is still out as to who exactly you are going to look like. A lot of people think of your two big brothers that you resemble Keaton more and most recently people have been saying that you are a clone, a mini-me if you will, of your Dad. Interestingly, your brothers, who look totally different now, looked very similar in their three month photos and I have a strong feeling that you will follow suit. For me, your most distinguishing physical feature is your hair line, which is much lower than either of your brothers. Also, you have a light dusting of strawberry blonde hair covering your head. Keaton also had strawberry tints, but I think yours are even stronger. Guess who else had strawberry blonde hair as a young child?? Yup, your Daddy!

At two months I’m still having a difficult time determining your personality, but you have just started smiling and cooing at us and I’m hoping in this next month it will really start to shine through. As a result of the reflux, you haven’t been the cuddliest baby during the day, but at night all of that changes. You still sleep with me and you curl up and rest so peacefully against my skin that I never want the night to end. Speaking of sleeping at night, this is one thing I can not complain about. You usually eat twice during the night but I barely notice because you don’t really fully wake up. During the day, when we make you a bottle it is usually between 3 and 4 ounces and it takes you 1 ½ to 2 hours to finish that. This month I moved you into Size 1 diapers and at 7 weeks we changed your wardrobe to 0-3 months. Your brothers still adore you, you have taking a liking to bath time, and you love to have you back rubbed. You don’t like riding in the car for more than a couple of hours and seem to prefer cool to hot. The smiles we’ve been getting in the last few days are making me so excited about the weeks to come. So, until then Baby Boy….

I love you so much,


CAS said...

Yep- I'll confirm it- the last picture with his 2month card- looks just like Col! You must do me a huge favor and STOP him from growing so I can take it all in- he is getting big so fast and I am missing it- UGGG! I love the pics with the boys- the big brothers protecting him!

CLAREW said...

No ~ 2 months already?! Shoot, I'm really late with his baby gift! Maybe by 1 year???? So sorry!

Jill said...

Oh my has it been 2 months already? I'm with CaS - stop this little guy from growing! :) Love the pics with the sweet! Happy 2 mos, little guy!