Friday, June 29, 2012

Updates of all Sorts: Mama, Baby, & House


Thank you all so much for the kind words in your comments, emails, texts, and Facebook messages, after my post on Tuesday.  I really, really appreciate it.  Sometimes it feels like I'm in this all alone and I feel like I have to struggle through in silence because if I admitted how tough things were then it'd make me a bad mom, or a mom that has reached her limit. So to hear your words, especially those that have said, 'hey, this is happening with me too' makes me feel normal again.  And that right there has a huge impact on my anxienty levels.  So thank you, guys.  Thank you so much.

I had my 6-week (it was closer to 8) postpartum appointment yesterday and I told the nurse, who relayed it to the doctor, all that has been going on.  When he came in he asked if I'm having trouble sleeping?  No.  Am I having trouble getting out and doing the things I enjoy?  No.  (In fact, I'm not even having trouble taking all three boys out to do things, I prefer to get them out of here, even though the loading and unloading from the car is a huge undertakeing.)

I don't think your depressed.  He said.  I think you are a mom.

He told me, like many of you have said, you have to take some time for yourself; and he said, it needs to be out of the house.

I thought about it and hmmmm, yeah, I was fine on Monday and Tuesday with the kids when I had Monday morning off.  And last Saturday I took a couple of hours in the morning to go get coffee and go to the Farmer's Market and do some shopping and guess what?  Saturday was fine.  So yeah, he's probably on to something.

So Collin and I have decided to try something new, something called Tuesday Nights Off, where every Tuesday one of us gets to take the night off and do something by ourselves.  We'll see how it goes.  I know we both need it.


Nolan has been on his reflux meds for almost two weeks now.  Oh my gosh, such a difference!!  Not that he doesn't cry at all, he still does get fussy after some feedings, but when he does it's usually gas and once we can help him pass it, he usually calms down. 

He's starting to have longer awake periods that are actually pleasent and starting to get into a sleep routine.  Of course right as he's starting to establish this we're heading on vacation for a week, which means it will probably all be thrown out of whack.


I know I promised a "what we changed this time" post with the next house update but I'm running short on time today - we're trying to get out of the house this afternoon for a week up at the cabin (yay!!), so I'm going to save that for when I have a little more time.  Also, I don't have a ton of updates this time around.  Some weeks there is so much getting done and other weeks the work is more tediuous and the results take a little longer, we're in one of those periods.

What the guys (and Busha) have been working on lately is a lot of staining and varnishing.  So....updates this week:

The washer and dryer were delivered and installed:

The refridgerator was delivered and installed:

Hardware (not all yet) has been put on the cabinets:

And as a result of all the staining and varnishing, doors have been put on:

Doorways have been trimmed out:

and window jam extensions have been put in:

The other big update is that the basement was painted.  The workout room was painted a shade of light gray (it's kind of hard to tell in this pic):

And the rest was painted tan (the same color as my office and the pantry):

You can see the color a little bit better here, in the spare bedroom:

The rest of these pics are not updates, just views that I don't think I posted before.  Here we are standing in the hallway looking at the patio doors (kitchen is to the right of the patio doors):

Now, standing at the patio doors looking back to the entry way/dining room:

The front door (excuse the random door jam that I didn't take the time to move):

And the coat closet (for guests) next to the front door:

And with that the baby is crying, the big boys are hungry, and I need to finish getting packed.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey! We have a fridge of that orientation, too, but not with that separate handle, so what is that middle drawer on the 'fridge, between 'fridge & freezer? (I hesitated not thinking I would like the freezer on the bottom, but I love it.)I am guessing crisper, but...could it be for wine? :) Can you guess...I am totally craving a specific wine right now, but it will have to wait until I haul myself out in search of it.

Jill said...

Great idea on the Tuesday night off...even if you just go grab a cup of coffee, it will be so worth the peace for a few minutes!

Love the house updates! It was so great to see it all coming together! By the way, LOVE what you did building the ledge for the washers and dryers to sit on so you don't have to bend down to load - very clever! Andy commented on it when we were there, but I missed it - glad to see the pic!

Have a great week at the cabin!!

Anonymous said...

...also, let me be your date, one of the Tuesday nights. Though I am not a late date. Not on a TUESDAY!

Kate said...

Sharaa - YES!! The second drawer can be for wine! There is even a setting for such. It can also be for soda, lunch meat (or deli items), and....hmmm,I feel like there are 4 settings. I can't remember the last one, I was so excited about the wine! Oh, I tried a red moscato. O.M.G. The Best! Thanks for the recommendation!! Also, yes, let's make a date! (I'm not a late date either)

Jill - Collin and his dad built that and then tiled it. You can buy drawers that the washer/dryer sit on but they are really expensive, so we opted for this. I'm happy with the way it turned out!