Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bob, the builder! Can we fix it?

Anyone that has seen that cartoon, even once, is most likely singing the tune right now...

B-o-b, the builder! 

Can. we. fix. it?

Yes. we. can!!

The boys, Keaton especially, love Bob.  We were given a few Bob DVDs and when it is movie time Bob is the most requested. 

But Hutt has been getting into it lately too, and with the two-year old language explosion, I noticed after watching an episode last week that he has started singing the tune.  Of course, it doesn't sound exactly like the phrase...

Yesterday Collin and I were getting the two youngest boys ready for the day (Keaton had spent the night with Busha) and while we were tending to Nolan, Hutt was off playing with the tools and singing a slurred version of, Can. we. fix. it?

Collin's face went stark white, he looked at me and asked, did he just say 'Sons of Bitches?'


We had to drop Collin off at work yesterday so instead of going home the boys and I unloaded and stayed for the afternoon.  I was afraid we'd be in their way working but for the most part the kids did good and played outside.  Or, I should say, worked outside.  Because they are "worker boys" (Keaton's term.) 

With every good dig job, there is always a hat to fill.

And breaks to take...

And when I could tell they were in need of a real "break" I loaded the big boys in the wagon and strapped Nolan to my chest and we went in search of cows.  (No luck) 

A day at home was exactly what I needed.  I'm not sure I even realized how cooped up I've been feeling here.  It was so good to get out in the country, get some fresh air, feel the sun, and probably mostly, get away from this house that is a disaster right now but working on it while I have three kids under foot is pointless - I clean up a mess, they make a new one.  Walking away from it was the best idea.

We have plans to go back today but as I sit typing this it looks a little cloudy, I hope rain is not in store.


Nolan is officially one month old today.  I had hoped this post would be up last night with his one month post today, but bed time routines did not go as planned last night and, while I admit to losing my patience around 10 pm, for the most part I'm learning we just need to go with the flow.  The things I had planned to do between 8 and 10 pm last night just weren't going to happen, so they go on the 'hope-to-do' list for today.

The good news is, I think he is finally kicking the croup.  We did hear a cough on Sunday night that was still coup-y and one yesterday too, but he isn't really coughing in general any more. 

The bad news is, we've hit the gassy stage.  Each one of my kids has had this.  I think it is mostly due to my let-down being to fast, the poor babies are being choked by my water hose breasts so they gasp and suck in too much air and then they are fussy, fussy, fussy after each feeding.   I need to dig out out Dr. Brown bottles and see if those help reduce some of the air.


Wishing you all a great day.  I'm off to shower (hopefully) before anyone wakes up.  

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CAS said...

Oh they are such great "worker boys"! I was having MAJOR Nephew and family withdrawels this week! UGGG just wish we lived closer to these tikes- I can't get enough of them!