Monday, May 21, 2012

Meeting their Baby Brother

I just yove him, SO MUCH! Keaton said the first time he held him.


I walked up the stairs Saturday morning, baby in hand, about a half hour after Collin and the boys had been up.  As soon as Hutt saw me he came running: Baby No-win! Baby No-win! Baby No-win!


When I brought him home from the NICU last week they both came running and before I was even out of the car they were climbing in the back seat to see their brother.


Baby No-win is so tiny! And he is so cute! He says on a daily basis.


Hode (hold) him! Hode him! Hode him!


Mom, Baby No-win is crying.  I'll go talk to him.


Baby No-win!  He said, with panic and the start of tears, as he ran to his car seat, afraid we were going to forget him.


You never know for sure how your children will react to a new addition to the family and I realize this could all change tomorrow, but so far I've been so pleased by the boys reception to their new baby brother.  They love him so much.  They want to constantly be by him and touch him and hold him.  They talk to him in sing-songy voices.  They (Hutton) have a hard time being gentle, but they try.  It is so cute.  And it makes me so happy.  These boys, they are my heart.


Em said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. I love the pics of the boys meeting Baby No-win (you look beautiful, BTW!), and their words/actions were unbelievably sweet, too. I know what you mean about them being your heart. Is there any love more all-consuming? Love you, hon. Loved seeing you with all 3 of your beautiful boys. (And, OMG, Hutt! He is your that curly blond hair!)

CAS said...

LOVEEEEEEE This POST!!! THE PICS, THE WORDS OF THE BOYS AND YES- YOU LOOK INCREDIBL!!!! I can't wait to see your whole family!!!!!!! EEEKS getting so excited to see you this weekend!

Monkey said...

This is just precious! You look beautiful and so happy! Congratulations Kate!! :)

Jill said...

This is too sweet - I just love the excitement on their faces! I "yuv" that they call him "No-win"! :) Can't wait to meet him!

Gail Harper said...

So much cuteness! I love your face in the first picture, I just love, the expression as you're looking at Keaton.

Beautiful, love! Just Beautiful!