Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in the hospital....but hopefully not for long.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to bypass the NICU stay after all.  We were discharged on Monday afternoon; Collin and I were both starving and it was nearly 2 pm so we headed to Applebee's for Nolan's first dinner out (he did great, btw.  Newborns in restaurants are so much easier than two year olds.  Yes, I'm looking at you, Hutt. :) ) By the time we got home, fed him again, and unloaded the car it was dinner time, so we headed to Papa & Busha's with Kentucky Fried Chicken in hand to pick up the boys.  We didn't get home until after bedtime and realized when we got there that we had no sheets for the bed because my water broke during nap time and they weren't cleaned yet.  So, I camped out on the couch with Nolan by me and Collin slept on the floor of our bedroom with the big boys.  It wasn't the greatest night sleep. 

Yesterday morning Nolan had an appointment for a weight check and a billirubin test.  When I changed his diaper it wasn't as wet as I would have expected and I noticed his coloring was more yellow than the day before.  I still wasn't expecting the results of his billirubin test, though.  His counts spiked.  When they sent us home on Monday he was at 10.8, I believe, which is about where they start to become concerned.  Yesterday they were over 15.  His weight was also down another 1.5 ounces to 6.0 lbs. 

Our pediatrician, who I love, came in and said she'd like to readmit him.  Technically, I guess we had the option to try the billi blanket at home, but she said it was risky.  If we were to do that and his counts went up again today, he may need a transfusion.  It wasn't worth the risk to me.  She told me, he isn't septic or I'd be sending you by ambulance, but the sooner you can get him there the better.  So I went home and packed us a bag, dropped the car seats off with Collin, and Nolan and I came back to the hospital. 

He's been on light therapy since about 1 or 2 pm yesterday, both a blanket and an overhead light.  His first recheck was done at 8 pm last night and his counts were down to 13 something and this morning he was down to 11 something.  Both tests showed improvement and he is eating and pooping really well (pooping is how they get rid of the billirubin) so they've turned the overhead lamp off and he is just on the blanket.  He'll be rechecked again this afternoon and as long as his counts don't go up by more than a point or so, we'll be able to go home on a blanket today.  I'm hoping this will be the case.  While I know health-wise he is fine, I just don't want to be here.  I want to be at home, even if it means being stressed over the state of the duplex and fumbling through life with three kids.  If you could send up a prayer/good thoughts that his afternoon counts will continue to show improvement, I'd be so grateful.

I'm hoping my next post will be to show you pictures of Keaton and Hutton meeting their baby brother, because oh my gosh, those pictures are oh so cute!

Updated: Here's the link to Nolan's online hospital birth announcement.  I'm interested to see who you think he looks like, because honestly, I can't figure it out. 


Jill said...

So bummed that he had to go back, but you'd rather be safe and have him there. Glad he's shown improvement in his counts and I'll keep my prayers on him today for more improvement! He's a tough little guy, I'm sure he can do it...he made it to the hospital without making Daddy deliver on the roadside, right???!! :)

As for who he looks like...jury is out! I see a little of Kate, a hair of Keaton in him, but he's definitely his own little person! So precious! Hoping your next post is from home with all 5! Hugs!

CAS said...

Wish you didn't have to go to NICU- but yes- better to be SAFE!!! And so glad you are back home now!!
I love the newborn pic of Nolan- love the baseball!!!! Yes- I'm with you - not sure who he looks like yet.

Kristal said...

Waiting to hear an update. I hope everything is going well now!