Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First week on the Job

Nolan turned 3 weeks old on Saturday, but since we spent his first week in and out of the hospital and my mom was here the second week, this past week has felt like my official "first week on the job." I was a little nervous, but mostly excited for the four of us to get into a routine and find our groove.  There were definitely moments throughout the week that were rough, but for the most part I would call it a success.  While I didn't have the boys outside as much as I'd like (or as much as they are used to with Busha), we did get out and at least to something each day.

Monday we were sort of limited as Nolan was still on his billi light, but we did go out for a walk in the morning.  Keaton and Hutton love to pick up sticks and rocks and, well, just about anything they can find on walks, but I hate them walking around with the sticks.  It's just a matter of time before one of them falls and pokes their eye out.  So I brought a bag with us on Monday and I let them fill it up with "nature."  We came home with sticks, rocks, branches with needles, and pine cones.  My plan is to use their loot during art time one of these days.

Our walks take us through an assisted living center right down the road.  The boys love walking through there because they are currently adding on rooms and so there are lots of machines tooling around.  The Pettibone driver is the best, he waves at the kids each and every time he drives past and they just love it.  We have little "stops" along the way, first the machines, then the rock pile, the stack of bricks, the digger, the big hill, the No Parking sign, the deer, and then we head home.  The only way I can get them to move from one location is to bribe them with the next....alright guys, lets go to the big stack of bricks (where they like to sit for awhile and then jump off them over and over and over, until Mom says, okay, to the digger!)

Monday we headed out to the job site (aka, house) to pick Collin up from work.  My plan was to finish the fire story before updating you with the new house pictures, but who knows when I'll get around to that, so I'm just going to start updating you with house pictures.  These are all from last Monday. 

The kitchen

The living room
 (kitchen is directly to the right, bordered by the patio door)

Moving counter clockwise,
the living room and fireplace

 and the dining room

On Tuesday, the big boys went to Busha's while Nolan and I headed to his doctor's appointment where his billirubin levels finally came back normal and we were officially taken off the light!!!  Happiest day ever!

This little guy was a huge trooper and spent the rest of the day running errands with me where we:

1) Decided we didn't like the stone that had originally been ordered for the house and fireplace and we picked a new stone (I'm now a little nervous about this switch.  If it looks like shit, it's all on me!!!  Ahhh!)
2) Went to the furniture store to compare paint samples with the living and dining room sets.
3) Picked out the fabric for Keaton's curtains.
4) Purchased and drug home two comforter sets for our master bedroom (and decided to keep one!)
5) Finalized paint decisions for the entire first floor.

It was an exhausting day, but I felt like we got so much accomplished and Collin was happy to finally have paint colors picked out so our painter could get to work.

Wednesday the boys and I headed up to Wausau for one of their final gymnastics classes with their cousins.  They have really had fun with these classes; I'm so glad Kira asked us to join them for this session. 

After gymnastics we headed over to the house to pick Collin up again and got to see some of the painting.  The living room is called Mocha Suede.  For those that were in our old house, it's the same color as my old office and our family room in the basement and very close to our old master bedroom color. 

The start of the kitchen cabinets.

Keaton's room.  Color is Sherman Williams, Cardboard

Hutton's room.  Color: SW Latte

Nolan's room.  Color: SW Kaffee (the dark wall) and the other walls are SW Whole Wheat

We went pretty neutral with the color in the boys room, but plan to bring in color through their curtains, bedding, etc.  I'm hoping they'll all pop when we add the accessories.

Thursday night we had Nolan's newborn pictures (I'll show you a sneak peek when they are up on the photographer's website.)

On Thursday we spent the morning at the park going down the slides, swinging, and playing with the wood chips. 


And on Friday we went for another walk (this would be the big hill stop.)

And afterwards had a picnic on the balcony.  

Our first week of summer - maybe not technically summer, but our summer none-the-less.  There was a ton I didn't get to, like thank yous and inventory and sorting through boxes and starting to pack, and I'm hoping I'll be able to slowly start checking those things off the list while still balancing the most important part of these next seven weeks, enjoying my time with the boys.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Meeting their Baby Brother

I just yove him, SO MUCH! Keaton said the first time he held him.


I walked up the stairs Saturday morning, baby in hand, about a half hour after Collin and the boys had been up.  As soon as Hutt saw me he came running: Baby No-win! Baby No-win! Baby No-win!


When I brought him home from the NICU last week they both came running and before I was even out of the car they were climbing in the back seat to see their brother.


Baby No-win is so tiny! And he is so cute! He says on a daily basis.


Hode (hold) him! Hode him! Hode him!


Mom, Baby No-win is crying.  I'll go talk to him.


Baby No-win!  He said, with panic and the start of tears, as he ran to his car seat, afraid we were going to forget him.


You never know for sure how your children will react to a new addition to the family and I realize this could all change tomorrow, but so far I've been so pleased by the boys reception to their new baby brother.  They love him so much.  They want to constantly be by him and touch him and hold him.  They talk to him in sing-songy voices.  They (Hutton) have a hard time being gentle, but they try.  It is so cute.  And it makes me so happy.  These boys, they are my heart.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10 Days

Nolan is officially 10 days old today.
The past 10 days have been an absolute whirlwind.

We left the hospital on Monday, May 7th. 

Were readmitted on Tuesday, May 8th into the NICU due to jaundice.  His billirubin levels, I'm now realizing, were really quite high for a 3 day old. Like, scary high.

After two days of intense phototherapy we left the hospital and brought home a billi blanket on Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning I took him back to the clinic for a retest - counts had gone back up after leaving the hospital.  More time on the light.

Friday we headed Up North for the weekend to spend some time at the cabin.

Saturday morning Collin and I drove back down to Wausau to have his levels checked again.  And again they had gone up.

Monday morning I brought him back to the doctor and for the first time in a week we finally saw the counts coming down.  We decided to try a day off the blanket and see if his body could control the levels on their own.

Unfortunately, when we went back today his counts had once again gone up.  So we're back on the light for another week.  We'll retest again next Tuesday.  In the meantime I'm hoping his little heels can heal from all the pokes. 

I'm exhausted from all the running around and doctor's appointments. I'm overwhelmed by all that needs to be done while I'm on maternity leave.  But my heart is bursting with love for this little boy and his brothers. 

 I hope to get back on here with regular updates soon.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of our newest little guy.  The ones above are from his photo shoot before we left the hospital.  The ones below are a few since we've been home.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in the hospital....but hopefully not for long.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to bypass the NICU stay after all.  We were discharged on Monday afternoon; Collin and I were both starving and it was nearly 2 pm so we headed to Applebee's for Nolan's first dinner out (he did great, btw.  Newborns in restaurants are so much easier than two year olds.  Yes, I'm looking at you, Hutt. :) ) By the time we got home, fed him again, and unloaded the car it was dinner time, so we headed to Papa & Busha's with Kentucky Fried Chicken in hand to pick up the boys.  We didn't get home until after bedtime and realized when we got there that we had no sheets for the bed because my water broke during nap time and they weren't cleaned yet.  So, I camped out on the couch with Nolan by me and Collin slept on the floor of our bedroom with the big boys.  It wasn't the greatest night sleep. 

Yesterday morning Nolan had an appointment for a weight check and a billirubin test.  When I changed his diaper it wasn't as wet as I would have expected and I noticed his coloring was more yellow than the day before.  I still wasn't expecting the results of his billirubin test, though.  His counts spiked.  When they sent us home on Monday he was at 10.8, I believe, which is about where they start to become concerned.  Yesterday they were over 15.  His weight was also down another 1.5 ounces to 6.0 lbs. 

Our pediatrician, who I love, came in and said she'd like to readmit him.  Technically, I guess we had the option to try the billi blanket at home, but she said it was risky.  If we were to do that and his counts went up again today, he may need a transfusion.  It wasn't worth the risk to me.  She told me, he isn't septic or I'd be sending you by ambulance, but the sooner you can get him there the better.  So I went home and packed us a bag, dropped the car seats off with Collin, and Nolan and I came back to the hospital. 

He's been on light therapy since about 1 or 2 pm yesterday, both a blanket and an overhead light.  His first recheck was done at 8 pm last night and his counts were down to 13 something and this morning he was down to 11 something.  Both tests showed improvement and he is eating and pooping really well (pooping is how they get rid of the billirubin) so they've turned the overhead lamp off and he is just on the blanket.  He'll be rechecked again this afternoon and as long as his counts don't go up by more than a point or so, we'll be able to go home on a blanket today.  I'm hoping this will be the case.  While I know health-wise he is fine, I just don't want to be here.  I want to be at home, even if it means being stressed over the state of the duplex and fumbling through life with three kids.  If you could send up a prayer/good thoughts that his afternoon counts will continue to show improvement, I'd be so grateful.

I'm hoping my next post will be to show you pictures of Keaton and Hutton meeting their baby brother, because oh my gosh, those pictures are oh so cute!

Updated: Here's the link to Nolan's online hospital birth announcement.  I'm interested to see who you think he looks like, because honestly, I can't figure it out. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

He's Here! He's Here!

Collin and I are excited to announce the birth of our son:

Nolan Hank Konopacki
Saturday, May 5, 2012
6:20 pm
6 lbs 6oz
18 inches

He is doing great!  The NICU team was here but did not take him and so far he is still doing just fine on his own.  I can't wait for his big brothers to meet him later today.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby Kono III: 34/35 Week Update

  • Unfortunately we're back to the he said/she said weekly updates.  To be honest with you, at this point I keep forgetting just how far along I am.  But if I look at my calendar and count back....ahh yes, according to the doctor I am 34 weeks, 3 days today.  While I think I'm more like 35 weeks, 1 day.  Either way, I am thrilled with how far we've gotten in this pregnancy and while it would be most awesome to avoid any sort of NICU time, I feel like Baby N. would be okay if he were born now.
  • I never wrote a 34-week update with Hutton.  He was born at 34 weeks, 4 days and I'm not sure I had an appointment that week.  Or if I did, I just never got around to posting about it.  Here is the 34 week update with Keaton, which is the same one I linked to in my 32 week post.
  • Weight gain to-date with this pregnancy is 21 pounds, I actually lost a pound since my last appointment, which is very unusual for me. I don't think I've ever lost weight during pregnancy before.  It makes me think next week I'll show a 5 pound + jump.  Oh well.  With Keaton it looks like I was up 27 pounds at this point.
  • I had an appointment yesterday that was very routine.  He took my fundal height and said "growing nicely!" but I didn't actually ask what I was measuring because I was too busy trying to keep my cringe from becoming an audible cry.  Because he had to press on my pubic bone to get the measurement it was very uncomfortable - that's right where N.'s head is sitting.
  • I wish I was kidding you guys, this kid's head is so low that I can feel movement, Collin can feel movement!, about an inch above my, well, my crotch hole.  It actually freaked him out the other night when I said, seriously, feel this!
  • The good thing is, he is head down and the doctor said once they are this low they can't turn, they're stuck. 
  • Heart rate was 144.
  • He didn't check me this week, but will next week.  I know there is no way to know how far along I am now, but knowing I was 2-3 cm a week and a half ago I just had to ask, what does he think this means?  He said, it doesn't necessarily mean I'll go sooner, just that the labor will go faster once we are there.  Perfect.  Fast labor...excuse me while I go cry for a second. 
  • I shouldn't say that, I'm thankful for my fast labors.  It's just that I have so much anxiety built up around this labor.  I just want to know we are going to make it to the hospital safely.  And that's why I'm ready for this to be all over.  It's not about not wanting to be pregnant any more, it's just that I want to know that he is here and he is okay.  That I didn't deliver in the car or on our bathroom floor.  I'm so worried about what could go terribly wrong if one of those thing happened that the thought of a NICU stay is much preferable.  Ever since the fire I've been waiting for the next shoe to fall.  I'm terrified every time I hear sirens, thinking Collin was in an accident.  And each morning I wake up and when I don't feel movement I wonder, is he still alive?  I know this seems crazy, but I think that is why I just want him here now, sooner rather than later.
  • That being said, I've been feeling really good the past few days and while a week and a half ago if you told me that I'd still be pregnant now I'd tell you you were nuts, now I feel like I could make it to next week's appointment.
  • Oh yes, and this update would not be complete without telling you about our drive up to the hospital on Sunday night.  So, Sunday night, like most nights, my contractions were about 10 minutes apart.  Not as intense as "that Friday" but more intense than I have been having.  It was after 10 and the boys were sleeping and it was pouring rain.  Collin stays pretty calm in most circumstances but the possibility of having this baby in the car even freaks him out a little, I think.  Since they were pretty frequent for a couple of hours we decided to call his parents to come get the boys because we didn't want to be in a situation that we were rushing to the hospital in that weather.  Of course once we loaded up and started heading north my contractions all but stopped.  We got all the way up there and I said, we might as well go home, I'm not having anything now.  And so we turned around and came home.  I know it's better safe than sorry, but oh my gosh, how frustrating.
  • One last update and then I'll talk to you next week....I am officially done with my progesterone injections!!  Had my last one this afternoon!  I am so happy to be done. As much as I did not enjoy them, I am confident they helped us out and got us further than we would have without them.  So for that, YAY!