Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012: A recap (Also: A little late)

Easter felt like it came so quickly this year and I didn't feel like I had much time to plan, but that didn't stop it from being my favorite celebration yet with the kids.  They are at such a fun age, enjoying participating in the holiday activities and delighted by the surprises.  Watching them brought me such joy.

Okay, well, they enjoyed almost everything.

The weekend before Easter we went to our church's annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  Busha and Papa came with us and we made sure to get there early so the kids could eat before E. Bunny made his appearance.  When he did finally walk in the boys were both so excited, following him with their eyes as he made his way around the room, waving at him when he walked by our table.  After breakfast we got in line for pictures and all was going well until they called us up there. 

Keaton had no problem at all, he jumped up on his lap and smiled away.  I'm so glad he's finally at an age where he enjoys this.  Hutton, on the other hand, thought this was the worst idea ever!  Just like our visit with Santa, he cried.  My being next to him didn't even really help, he just wanted the heck out of there.

After pictures we went to the arts and crafts room where the kids decorated cookies, made treat bags, and did some coloring.  Everyone was in a good mood when it was time to head outside for the egg hunt.  Hutton's day was redeemed by the egg hunt, he had a blast and picked up quite a few eggs.  Keaton, well, you know, you can't win them all. 

So, they have a fire truck that the kids could tour before the hunt and at the last minute they decided to use the horn on the engine for the "Go" signal.  It was pretty loud.  And it spooked him, our sensitive child.  He started crying and kind of missed the whole hunt.  By the time he had calmed down the eggs were gone.  He did get four, so it wasn't a complete bust, but I wish it had gone a little better for him.  Thankfully, his egg hunt on Easter morning made up for it.


On the Saturday before Easter our celebration picked back up with a trip up to my brother and sister-in-law's so the kids could color eggs with their cousins.  Four kids, age 3 and under, it could have been a disaster.  But it wasn't.  It went so well and the kids sat nicely and shared colors and really loved it.  We had a couple dozen eggs and we thought that would be more than enough, but honestly, I think they would have sat through another dozen.

We came home in time for Collin and I to get ready for church and while we did that the boys (finally) decorated their Easter tree.  This is a really horrible picture of it, but it's the only one I have.  Busha got each boy an egg with their initial on it.  It was the only three ornaments we had this year, but it was perfect.  I think we'll just add slowly, one new ornament for each kid next year.


The Easter Vigil at church always goes late on Saturday night.  The boys were home with Mimi and Papa Grizz, which meant missed bed times.  On Easter morning we had to wake them up at 7:30 so that we could get everything done in time for our brunch reservations at 10:30. 

The boys came up to find their Easter baskets under the tree.  They didn't get a lot of candy but they each did get a solid chocolate carrot and those carrots were opened and being consumed within minutes.  After baskets it was time for baths and then we headed to Papa and Busha's where we were met by their aunt and uncle, cousins and Auntie Bea.

Hutton says: WHAT? They are EASTER goggles!
The kids played while someone (ahem, my brother) "met" with the Easter Bunny.  This is a very special bunny, the same bunny that used to come visit and hide eggs for Collin and his sister, CaSondra.  We were hoping to bring him back this year and it could not have all worked out more perfect.  The outfit fit perfectly, we were all celebrating together, the kids (at least the oldest ones) "got it."  It was so much fun.

Mucho thanks to my brother, who is always such a good sport for these things.  He hopped and hopped and hopped and wiggled his tail, and OMG, you guys, everyone needs their own personal Easter Bunny. 

Can you see him?

And the kids got to witness it all from the big bay window.

Once the Bunny was gone we got our baskets ready and headed outside to find all of the eggs.  I had a really hard time getting good pictures of the kids this year.  They were just way to quick for me. 

After our egg hunt we headed to brunch and then out to the house for the afternoon.  It was nice to be out there, sitting in the sun, feeling the breeze, walking through the rooms.  The whole day was just so, so nice.

On our way back to the duplex we stopped at Culver's for ice cream and because it was Easter we thought we'd be nice and get the boys their own shakes.  This may look like a huge parenting fail...

but it gave us seven. whole. minutes. of complete silence on the drive home.  So I say, WIN!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!


CAS said...

Loved this post so much and I am trying to live through it as my favorite Holiday was always Easter and especially because of the "Easter Bunny" that visited the house- it was just like I was a kid again in that same Bow window. Only I remember Col and I hidding so just our eyes could peep out and see the Bunny as we didn't want to Scare him and Mom always told us that Bunnys have good ears... but now I think that was to keep us REALLY quiet until they woke up. Col and I would get up SOO early and wait and watch for hours for the Bunny to come jumping down the hill. So happy this has been passed down!

Midge said...

OMG...I never thought of an Easter Bunny making an actual appearance for the kids to see. GENIUS! I love it! Looks like a really good time.