Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Kono III: 33 week update - the hopsital stay addition

** I started this at the beginning of the week but have felt so horrible this entire week I haven't had the energy to finish it. While I think I'm actually 34 weeks as of yesterday, I'm just going to wrap this up as a 33-week update**

So let's see, April 13th I posted a 32-week update in which I talked about how great I was feeling and how I thought I had several weeks to go yet. Oh, ha, ha, ha! I should have known as soon as I hit publish things would take a drastic turn.

That was a Friday. On Saturday, my amazing friend, Amanda, thew a baby shower in honor of Baby N. Friends and family came and it was, seriously, the most perfect day. I had such a good time and felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that have shown us so much support over the past several months. I cried. More than once. But it was such a lovely day.

After the shower and after a tour of the house for those from out-of-town, AJ and I were walking around the grocery store picking up a few items when I looked at her and said, I'm exhausted.

I felt so utterly wiped out. It was really the first time all pregnancy that I felt that bad. I thought maybe it was the activity from the day but no, I felt the same way on Sunday and Monday and, well, you get the idea. And the contractions started picking up. Not overly intense, but definitely more than I had been feeling before.

This past Friday (April 20th) I had been contracting all day, but nothing timeable until evening, when suddenly they were about 10 minutes apart and picking up with intensity. My mom was here and I know I was scaring her each time I stopped to breath through one. Around 10 pm I called Kira. You're not going to the hospital are you? She asked as soon as she picked up. I laughed, well, that IS what I'm calling about....when do you think I need to start worrying about these?

After talking to her I confirmed what I think I already knew, I need to call. I need to just go in and get this checked out.

As Collin and I packed up the contractions stayed steady, about every 10 min, pretty intense. But the car ride to the hospital was nothing like the other two times. Things actually slowed down this time. By the time we got checked into triage I was still contracting pretty regularly but not nearly as intensely. But every time I stood up to go to the bathroom, immediately after being disconnected from the monitors, I would have a contraction so hard that I couldn't walk.

I finally told the nurse, who I think was getting ready to send me home, that I was getting really frustrated because I know these aren't showing up on the monitor, but when I stand I can't move. After consulting with the doctor they decided to check my cervix. My chart showed that a week and a half prior I was dilated to a fingertip (remember how my doc said that he didn't know, he'd have to force his finger in to know for sure and he didn't want to do that? Yeah, well, in my file he wrote down that I was a fingertip dilated.) When they checked around midnight I was 2 cm and 80% effaced.

The nurse left and after consulting with the on-call doc again, she came back with an arm full of drugs. Because I had shown progression from my last visit and I was still contracting pretty regularly, they were hooking me up to magnesium to try to slow things down.

After getting my IV set they hooked me up to the bolus, which is basically a large amount of the drug administered rather quickly. It was horrible. My arm burned from the drugs being pumped so rapidly, the only plus was that it took my mind off of the contractions. But honestly, I'd take contractions any day. At least I can breath and focus through those, this was just constant burning pain that I felt like I had no control over.

Somewhere around 3 am (I think) I was wheeled out of triage and into a room at the end of the hall, the closest to the elevator, as requested by the NICU. The doc came in to see me and after complaining about a significant amount of pressure when I used the bathroom she pulled out the ultrasound to see if she could get a look at my cervix.

No luck. Baby N. was sitting so low that she couldn't see. The good news is, he is head down and in position to go when the time comes. So she checked me again, still 80% and 2-3 cm. Thankfully I hadn't progressed much following the last check. The plan was to keep me on magnesium to try to get the contractions to slow. And they did, for the next several hours I was still having some pretty strong ones, but not nearly as frequently.

I was restricted to laying down, bed rest for the remainder of Saturday and Sunday. I was referred to as a "ticking-time bomb" more than once and everyone kept saying things like "well, if you haven't gone into labor, then we'll do such-in-such at this time."

The main goal was to get me through two steroid shots to help with the development of N's lungs. I had my first at 4:45 on Saturday morning and the second about 24 hours later. Since I had just had my strep B culture done in triage on Friday night I was also pumped with antibiotics, just in case. Thankfully my results came in negative before I needed to have the second bag administered.

On Sunday the contractions were minimal. While we'll never know for sure, I truly believe it was due to the bed rest and reduced pressure on my cervix. That night I was doing so good that they let me be off the monitors between 1 am and 6 am so I could get some rest.

This child of ours, I think I've decided my one-word description of him is goofy. It was so hard to get him to cooperate on the monitors, he just kept moving around and the nurses had to keep coming in to find him again. And each time they would call him by name, giving him a stern talking to, N., get back here. And each time it almost brought tears to my eyes, to hear his name, to know that he is a little person, about to join our family.

On Monday morning I was turned over to my doctor. Collin and I knew before he even came in what he would say, go home, no bed rest, live life.

And that's exactly what he said.

After talking to him I was discouraged. He just doesn't get worked up over anything and sometimes he makes me feel like an idiot. Like maybe I didn't need to come in on Friday, maybe things would have stopped on their own. And maybe they would have, but I know what I was feeling, I know how intense those contractions were and yes, I've made it several more days now, but in my heart I don't think I would have had I not gone in on Friday night.

Since I've been home I've felt absolutely miserable. Over the past 3 days I've hardly been able to get out of bed. I've been sitting around just waiting for things to start up again and I've been full of anxiety over all of it. My biggest concern is making it to the hospital in time. My past two labors have gone so quickly that I've been afraid each time that the baby was going to come in the car. My doc told me that if my water breaks I should have about an hour to get there. Which is awesome because we have a 40 min drive plus if Collin is at work it will take him at least 15 to come pick me up. 40 + 15 = I'm a nervous wreck!!

Today though I actually feel pretty good. I can feel him move and he is so low that sometimes I'm afraid he is going to fall right out, but energy-wise I'm in much better shape then I have been. I'm trying not to focus on the whens and what-ifs, it's hard but my mind feels much clearer today and for that I'm thankful.

I don't know how much longer I have, hours? days? weeks? but I do know that I'm getting pretty excited about meeting this little guy. Will keep you guys posted with any changes!


Patten Family said...

What an adventure these babies put you through. Things will work out. Just remember that, you know they will:) hugs.

CAS said...

Hoping Baby N stays in a bit longer so he doesn't have a NICU stay, but it sounds like he will be coming soon! Keep staying off your feet and laying down. We continue to pray for you all and so glad that you went in to the Hospital! Now you know you got your shots and he got his shots for his lungs to develop! Hugs- and keep resting! Love you TONS

Gail Harper said...

You scared the SHIT out of me, you know!?!

I believe that God speaks to all of us - it's that little voice only you can hear and it comes with a knowing like no other. The hardest thing for us to do is to listen to and follow that voice. It will always lead you to where you need to be.

Try to rest and get off of your feets as much as you can (stop laughing). We're thinking of you, praying for you, and sending lots of love!

Em said...

This part of your post brought tears to MY eyes:

"This child of ours, I think I've decided my one-word description of him is goofy. It was so hard to get him to cooperate on the monitors, he just kept moving around and the nurses had to keep coming in to find him again. And each time they would call him by name, giving him a stern talking to, N., get back here. And each time it almost brought tears to my eyes, to hear his name, to know that he is a little person, about to join our family."

N. is so loved already. Praying for you both daily. Love you much!

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

I'm reading this on Thursday - a year ago today I was SUPER pregnant with Pip and feeling those exact some things! My first two babies came really fast (although not as fast as yours) and I was so nervous we wouldn't get to the hospital in time either :) But we did - and I had Pip a year ago tomorrow - and she was my longest labor of all three :)

Take care and NEVER second guess yourself about what you know is right with your body. If you shouldn't have been at the hospital the doctors there would have sent you home. At least you didn't go because you thought your water broke and really you'd just peed yourself (yup - did that ;)

I can't wait to hear your news!

Jill said...

So glad you're feeling better!

Don't let anyone make you question your actions - you know what's best for yourself and the baby. I would've done the same thing in your shoes!

I'm anxious to meet "goofy" little N too, but I hope he hangs out for just a little longer! Try to rest (as best as you can with 2 toddlers running around!)