Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Kono III: 32 Week Update

32 weeks

Ahh!  32 weeks.  Let me do some quick math...and holy crap!  We're only 8 weeks from our due date and let's see...Keaton was 4 weeks early, Hutt was almost 6 weeks early....and, oh, catch me, I think I'm about to pass out now.

No, in all honestly, I think we still have some time.  I'm not sure it's eight weeks, but I feel like it's definitely more than 2.  Maybe four?  Maybe six?  Who knows, it probably is eight.  I have my moments, but overall I'm still feeling really good and think these progesterone shots are doing their job.

My appointments are every two weeks now and I had one on Wednesday, which went really well.  So let's dive in with the update, shall we??
  • First off, here is my 32-week comparison picture with Hutton.  And 32 weeks with Keaton.
  • Weight gain to-date is still 22 pounds, same as my 30-week appointment.  Again, I didn't keep track with Hutt and with Keaton I said I was at 27 pounds but it looks like I did a combined 32-week/34-week post, so I'm not exactly sure to what week that applied.
  • Also staying the same from my 30-week appointment was my fundal height, at 33 weeks, so just a little bit ahead this time.  Yay!  I've evened back out.  And rereading Hutt's 32-week post it looks like I was measuring 2 weeks ahead last time, I totally did not remember that.
  • Heart rate was right around 140. (Hutt was closer to 150 and Keaton was 145 - but pretty similar)
  • And now for the fun parts of the appointment!!  Oh, I can barely contain my excitement!
  • I was scheduled for a pelvic exam this week, so Collin took off work so he could come with me to wrangle the boys.  The plan had been everyone would come into my appointment but leave when it was time for my exam.  Well, when we got there both boys were sleeping so instead Collin parked the car and dozed off himself.  I think those three quite enjoyed this week's appointment :)  Meanwhile, I was inside having a little chat with the nurse and before I knew it she was leaving and telling me to strip down.  Well, apparently I didn't do it quite quick enough because I was not even up on the table yet when there was a knock at the door and I was frantically saying, "just a second" while I tried to cover myself, but he didn't hear me and you know it shouldn't really matter, he sees everything anyway, but still, damn, it's kind of embarrassing not to have that sheet wrapped around you before he walks in.
  • My pelvic exam went well.  I mean, for a pelvic exam.  I wouldn't liken it to eating an ice cream cone on a warm summer day or anything but my cervix is closed and high (or low?  Wherever it is supposed to be) and soft, but that's normal.  He was happy and told me I had no restrictions at home.  I asked if this meant that I wasn't dilated and he told me in order for him to tell if I was a fingertip or 1 cm, he'd have to force his finger into my cervix and he didn't want to do that.  So, no noticeable dilation at least.
  • And here's the really fun part.
  • So.  My butt hurts.  Not my butTOCKS, my buttHOLE.  Or, rectum, as the nurse calls it.  Because I guess butthole isn't a medical term. It's been like this for about a week.  Radiating pain when I walk.  I thought maybe it was hemorrhoids, but it doesn't feel like any of the hemorrhoids I've had in the past.  I told the nurse, who told me to tell the doctor and by my description he said he thought it was a nerve but that during my exam he'd do a rectal exam to check for hemorrhoids.  I HAD TO HAVE A RECTAL EXAM.  Do you know what is worse than a rectal exam??  PRETTY MUCH NOTHING!! The results were no hemorrhoids, it's likely a nerve and pressure from the baby is causing the pain.  Searing pain.  It sometimes brings me to tears.  But the upside to having a rectal exam is getting to see the look on your husband's face each time you say: Man, ever since my rectal probe this afternoon.....because your husband may be able to skin and gut a deer but hearing about your rectal exam makes him weak in the knees.
  • The only other news I got is that the baby is not head down.  He's sitting on my left hip and either to the side or angled up.  And the doctor isn't sure if it is his head or his legs that are on my hip.  This is bothering me; even though I know it shouldn't.  I'm just hoping he turns and gets into the right position before I go into labor.
  • Other updates include: 1) 3rd trimester nausea, which I didn't remember I had with both of my previous pregnancies.  It's basically the same thing I complained about the last two times, a big ball of vomit sitting right in my throat.  It's especially bad at night when I lay down.  2) Contractions are about the same as two weeks ago, a few strong ones here and there but nothing like with the other boys. 3)  Nesting - I'm not quite there yet, although we do have plans to clean and rearrange our bedroom this weekend I'm not overly frantic about it yet (I was at this point last time around.)  I do need to start making a to-do list though and I'm hoping to wash up a few things this weekend to start that hospital bag.
  • See you again at 34 weeks....


Patten Family said...

Oh Kate you crack me up!

If it makes you feel better, I've had rectal exams. I actually had a 4th degree tear with Morgan and had to go to the Butt-Hole surgeon 1 week after she was born and he scoped my asshole to check the damage. Real nice as I was still bleeding post-delivery blood. Great huh. Hang in there. Baby #3 caused some weird pains on my body as well. Especially my cervix. I always felt as if she was falling out the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. Half the time I had to take a deep breath due to the pain. I hear ya!

CAS said...

Oh how I love your honesty! Glad all is looking good! The pic of you is gorgeous! Love that bump!

Jen said...

You look great! We keep you in our prayers.

Jill said...

OMG...SO love your descriptions of the lovely side effects of being pregnant!

Glad it was such good news and you do look great!

Anonymous said...

You look great! It was wonderful to see you today. I hope the rest of the pregancy goes smoothly, with encouraging doc updates like this one...minus the rectal. ;)

Em said...

Oh, Kate...I can always count on you for laughs and shock value. I love these updates; keep 'em coming! As always, you look wonderful! So wish I could see you in person in all your pregnant glory. :) Very glad to hear the progesterone shots seem to be doing their job. Will pray that this continues. You're in the home stretch, Mama! Take to opportunity to relax now whenever you can. :) P.S. THREE BOYS!!! :-D

Em said...

Oh, also...I hope that Mr. N. turns around for you soon. Did you happen to feel when he flipped? I kept hoping that Lily would turn back to head down (I think she turned somewhere around 30 weeks). Just remember, if he doesn't turn, it will be okay. I know it's nerve-wracking, though. Keep us posted!