Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Kono III: 30 Week Upate

28 weeks

30 weeks

You guys!  Who turned the calendar to APRIL??  How is this possible?  A quarter of the year already gone.  Seeing the month change has really gotten me into 'we need to start getting ready for this baby' mode.  So how about an update...
  • Here was my 30-week shot with Hutton and a 30-week shot with Keaton. Rereading those posts it looks like in the past two pregnancies I really "popped" right around the 30 week mark.  This time around I think it happened earlier, more like 26 weeks.
  • At 30 weeks I've now gained 22 lbs, which puts me ahead of my pregnancy with Keaton, where I said I had gained 21.  I didn't keep track with Hutt.
  • I'm having contractions, but still not all that frequently.  I don't think they are nearly as much or as intense as I was having with both boys at this point, and rereading that post of Keaton's kind of confirms it.  I mentioned in there that one night I was having them every 10 minutes.  I haven't had anything like that with this one.
  • Also, in both of the other boys' 30 week posts I noted how exhausted and run down I was.  I feel like that once in awhile, but overall I'd say I'm still feeling pretty good.  These two things make me think the progesterone injections are doing their job!!
  • Guess who's having a contraction as I type this.
  • Now, while I don't feel totally run down, that's not to say that walking up and down the stairs to get the kids clothes/jammies/etc. doesn't make me short of breath.  Because Oh Dear Lord, it does. 
  • We still have so much to organize and wash and pack before we are actually ready for this little boy to make his appearance, but we've started.  The next projects include getting my hospital bag ready (washing clothes) and rearranging our bedroom to fit the bassinet in there.  Our bedroom is such a disaster, there are totes and boxes piled high plus we have both boys in there with us - a toddler mattress for Keaton and a pack-n-play for Hutt.  While the original plan was to move them out of our room before the baby came, they are just now finally sleeping through the night again so I don't want to put them through another transition just to uproot them in a couple of months when we move back into the house.  So for now, it's a full house, but it's just going to have to work.
  • I found a locally-made-from-llama-fur (fur?  wool?  What is a llama's coat called?) hat for the baby this weekend and it matches the outfit I was planning as his "going home" outfit and oh!  it made me excited!
  • Oh my gosh you guys, this child.  He does. not. stop. moving.  It is constant activity all day long.  He's active in the morning/afternoon/evening/night.  I mean there are moments when he settles down but I remember the boys' being very active at certain times of the day, like right after lunch.  This kid needs no reason, he just likes to move and kick, and dance, and I don't even know what all he is doing in there.  And at night, when I lay down to go to sleep, he sits on my hip bone and then pokes and, honestly, it's pretty uncomfortable. 
Last Wednesday I had my 30-week appointment.  Updates from there:
  • Heart rate was in the 130's - 131 I think.
  • Based on my fundal height I was measuring 33 weeks.  33!!??  I asked him as soon as it came out of his mouth.  Well, here, let me try it again....yeah, 33.  He's not concerned but did say that if we get to 37 weeks and I'm still measuring this far ahead we'll do an ultrasound to make sure we don't have gigantor baby on our hands.  I never measured ahead with the boys, or if I did, never by 3 weeks, so this is all new to me.
  • I thought my next appointment was going to be in 3 weeks, but no, I've officially moved onto the every-two-week schedule.  That, right there, is a little crazy to me.  Every two weeks means we're getting closer to the end.
  • I believe I will be checked at my 32 week apt., but I wouldn't be surprised if he changes his mind and does it at 34.  So we shall see.
So...until then....


Mama B said...

You look beautiful Kate!

CAS said...

Wow- so exciting- so glad as every week passes that he is still inside you and great that he is measuring ahead of time. Yes- you do look beautiful- I love baby bump pictures!

Jill said...

Yeah!! 30 weeks!! I'm SO excited for the same did it get here so fast??!! You do look great and I'm SO glad this baby has set up camp...just hang in there for a few more weeks little guy!! Good luck with your next appt! Give the belly a squeeze for me!

Em said...

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! I hope he stays put a little while longer for you. BTW, you look gorgeous, hon. Pregnancy always agrees with you!

Amanda said...

Agree with the above ladies, you are a beautiful pregnancy mama! Stay put a lil longer baby N ;)