Friday, April 27, 2012

Guess those Baby Stats!

I was wide awake last night between the hours of midnight and 3 am with fairly regular contractions, somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes apart.  Collin and I laid in bed, reviewing the plans: call his parents, load the car and take out the car seats before they get here, grab a few towels and the blanket that is on the dryer, hope the boys stay sleeping through it all. 

And then I got tired, fell asleep and woke up a little after 5 am.  Hmmm, okay, another false alarm.  I tell you what, this sitting and waiting for things to happen stuff is so exhausting.  I much preferred the surprise labor of the first two pregnancies.

As I laid there last night I thought, if I make it until morning I need to get a guessing game on the blog.  And so here we are, lets guess those baby stats!!

The Game:
Each person will have four guesses, one for each of the following:
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth (indicate am or pm)
  • Weight
  • Length
The Scoring:
3 points will be given for each accurate guess.  If no one guesses correctly, 1 point will be given for the closest guess(es).

The Background:
Just a little information to help you with your guesses:
  • As of today, Friday, April 27th, according to my calculation, I am 34 weeks 2 days along.
  • As of today, according to the doctor's calculation, I am 33 weeks 4 days along.
  • Keaton's stats were as follows:
    • Born at 36 weeks
    • Time of birth: 3:37 am
    • Weight: 6 lbs 5 oz
    • Length: 18 1/2 inches
  • Hutton's stats were as follows:
    • Born at 34 weeks 4 days
    • Time of birth: 7:07 am
    • Weight: 5 lbs 10 oz
    • Length: 18 inches
The Prize:
I'm all out of coffee this morning.  Wait.  No, I'm all out of creamer this morning, and would do just about anything to get my hands on a Starbucks.  So, let's play for a $5 Starbucks gift card.  Coffee on me.  Wait.  No. Coffee on Baby N.!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Kono III: 33 week update - the hopsital stay addition

** I started this at the beginning of the week but have felt so horrible this entire week I haven't had the energy to finish it. While I think I'm actually 34 weeks as of yesterday, I'm just going to wrap this up as a 33-week update**

So let's see, April 13th I posted a 32-week update in which I talked about how great I was feeling and how I thought I had several weeks to go yet. Oh, ha, ha, ha! I should have known as soon as I hit publish things would take a drastic turn.

That was a Friday. On Saturday, my amazing friend, Amanda, thew a baby shower in honor of Baby N. Friends and family came and it was, seriously, the most perfect day. I had such a good time and felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that have shown us so much support over the past several months. I cried. More than once. But it was such a lovely day.

After the shower and after a tour of the house for those from out-of-town, AJ and I were walking around the grocery store picking up a few items when I looked at her and said, I'm exhausted.

I felt so utterly wiped out. It was really the first time all pregnancy that I felt that bad. I thought maybe it was the activity from the day but no, I felt the same way on Sunday and Monday and, well, you get the idea. And the contractions started picking up. Not overly intense, but definitely more than I had been feeling before.

This past Friday (April 20th) I had been contracting all day, but nothing timeable until evening, when suddenly they were about 10 minutes apart and picking up with intensity. My mom was here and I know I was scaring her each time I stopped to breath through one. Around 10 pm I called Kira. You're not going to the hospital are you? She asked as soon as she picked up. I laughed, well, that IS what I'm calling about....when do you think I need to start worrying about these?

After talking to her I confirmed what I think I already knew, I need to call. I need to just go in and get this checked out.

As Collin and I packed up the contractions stayed steady, about every 10 min, pretty intense. But the car ride to the hospital was nothing like the other two times. Things actually slowed down this time. By the time we got checked into triage I was still contracting pretty regularly but not nearly as intensely. But every time I stood up to go to the bathroom, immediately after being disconnected from the monitors, I would have a contraction so hard that I couldn't walk.

I finally told the nurse, who I think was getting ready to send me home, that I was getting really frustrated because I know these aren't showing up on the monitor, but when I stand I can't move. After consulting with the doctor they decided to check my cervix. My chart showed that a week and a half prior I was dilated to a fingertip (remember how my doc said that he didn't know, he'd have to force his finger in to know for sure and he didn't want to do that? Yeah, well, in my file he wrote down that I was a fingertip dilated.) When they checked around midnight I was 2 cm and 80% effaced.

The nurse left and after consulting with the on-call doc again, she came back with an arm full of drugs. Because I had shown progression from my last visit and I was still contracting pretty regularly, they were hooking me up to magnesium to try to slow things down.

After getting my IV set they hooked me up to the bolus, which is basically a large amount of the drug administered rather quickly. It was horrible. My arm burned from the drugs being pumped so rapidly, the only plus was that it took my mind off of the contractions. But honestly, I'd take contractions any day. At least I can breath and focus through those, this was just constant burning pain that I felt like I had no control over.

Somewhere around 3 am (I think) I was wheeled out of triage and into a room at the end of the hall, the closest to the elevator, as requested by the NICU. The doc came in to see me and after complaining about a significant amount of pressure when I used the bathroom she pulled out the ultrasound to see if she could get a look at my cervix.

No luck. Baby N. was sitting so low that she couldn't see. The good news is, he is head down and in position to go when the time comes. So she checked me again, still 80% and 2-3 cm. Thankfully I hadn't progressed much following the last check. The plan was to keep me on magnesium to try to get the contractions to slow. And they did, for the next several hours I was still having some pretty strong ones, but not nearly as frequently.

I was restricted to laying down, bed rest for the remainder of Saturday and Sunday. I was referred to as a "ticking-time bomb" more than once and everyone kept saying things like "well, if you haven't gone into labor, then we'll do such-in-such at this time."

The main goal was to get me through two steroid shots to help with the development of N's lungs. I had my first at 4:45 on Saturday morning and the second about 24 hours later. Since I had just had my strep B culture done in triage on Friday night I was also pumped with antibiotics, just in case. Thankfully my results came in negative before I needed to have the second bag administered.

On Sunday the contractions were minimal. While we'll never know for sure, I truly believe it was due to the bed rest and reduced pressure on my cervix. That night I was doing so good that they let me be off the monitors between 1 am and 6 am so I could get some rest.

This child of ours, I think I've decided my one-word description of him is goofy. It was so hard to get him to cooperate on the monitors, he just kept moving around and the nurses had to keep coming in to find him again. And each time they would call him by name, giving him a stern talking to, N., get back here. And each time it almost brought tears to my eyes, to hear his name, to know that he is a little person, about to join our family.

On Monday morning I was turned over to my doctor. Collin and I knew before he even came in what he would say, go home, no bed rest, live life.

And that's exactly what he said.

After talking to him I was discouraged. He just doesn't get worked up over anything and sometimes he makes me feel like an idiot. Like maybe I didn't need to come in on Friday, maybe things would have stopped on their own. And maybe they would have, but I know what I was feeling, I know how intense those contractions were and yes, I've made it several more days now, but in my heart I don't think I would have had I not gone in on Friday night.

Since I've been home I've felt absolutely miserable. Over the past 3 days I've hardly been able to get out of bed. I've been sitting around just waiting for things to start up again and I've been full of anxiety over all of it. My biggest concern is making it to the hospital in time. My past two labors have gone so quickly that I've been afraid each time that the baby was going to come in the car. My doc told me that if my water breaks I should have about an hour to get there. Which is awesome because we have a 40 min drive plus if Collin is at work it will take him at least 15 to come pick me up. 40 + 15 = I'm a nervous wreck!!

Today though I actually feel pretty good. I can feel him move and he is so low that sometimes I'm afraid he is going to fall right out, but energy-wise I'm in much better shape then I have been. I'm trying not to focus on the whens and what-ifs, it's hard but my mind feels much clearer today and for that I'm thankful.

I don't know how much longer I have, hours? days? weeks? but I do know that I'm getting pretty excited about meeting this little guy. Will keep you guys posted with any changes!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Weekend

I took this picture of Papa & Busha's driveway on Easter Sunday, but every time I look at it I feel like I'm peeking into the beginning of September, not April.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that's pretty appropriate for the weather we've had recently.

The winter was so mild.
March showed up with 80 degree days.
April has been somewhat cold.
And today we woke up to snow. 

But I hear the weekend is supposed to be nice.  So I'm looking forward to that.

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012: A recap (Also: A little late)

Easter felt like it came so quickly this year and I didn't feel like I had much time to plan, but that didn't stop it from being my favorite celebration yet with the kids.  They are at such a fun age, enjoying participating in the holiday activities and delighted by the surprises.  Watching them brought me such joy.

Okay, well, they enjoyed almost everything.

The weekend before Easter we went to our church's annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  Busha and Papa came with us and we made sure to get there early so the kids could eat before E. Bunny made his appearance.  When he did finally walk in the boys were both so excited, following him with their eyes as he made his way around the room, waving at him when he walked by our table.  After breakfast we got in line for pictures and all was going well until they called us up there. 

Keaton had no problem at all, he jumped up on his lap and smiled away.  I'm so glad he's finally at an age where he enjoys this.  Hutton, on the other hand, thought this was the worst idea ever!  Just like our visit with Santa, he cried.  My being next to him didn't even really help, he just wanted the heck out of there.

After pictures we went to the arts and crafts room where the kids decorated cookies, made treat bags, and did some coloring.  Everyone was in a good mood when it was time to head outside for the egg hunt.  Hutton's day was redeemed by the egg hunt, he had a blast and picked up quite a few eggs.  Keaton, well, you know, you can't win them all. 

So, they have a fire truck that the kids could tour before the hunt and at the last minute they decided to use the horn on the engine for the "Go" signal.  It was pretty loud.  And it spooked him, our sensitive child.  He started crying and kind of missed the whole hunt.  By the time he had calmed down the eggs were gone.  He did get four, so it wasn't a complete bust, but I wish it had gone a little better for him.  Thankfully, his egg hunt on Easter morning made up for it.


On the Saturday before Easter our celebration picked back up with a trip up to my brother and sister-in-law's so the kids could color eggs with their cousins.  Four kids, age 3 and under, it could have been a disaster.  But it wasn't.  It went so well and the kids sat nicely and shared colors and really loved it.  We had a couple dozen eggs and we thought that would be more than enough, but honestly, I think they would have sat through another dozen.

We came home in time for Collin and I to get ready for church and while we did that the boys (finally) decorated their Easter tree.  This is a really horrible picture of it, but it's the only one I have.  Busha got each boy an egg with their initial on it.  It was the only three ornaments we had this year, but it was perfect.  I think we'll just add slowly, one new ornament for each kid next year.


The Easter Vigil at church always goes late on Saturday night.  The boys were home with Mimi and Papa Grizz, which meant missed bed times.  On Easter morning we had to wake them up at 7:30 so that we could get everything done in time for our brunch reservations at 10:30. 

The boys came up to find their Easter baskets under the tree.  They didn't get a lot of candy but they each did get a solid chocolate carrot and those carrots were opened and being consumed within minutes.  After baskets it was time for baths and then we headed to Papa and Busha's where we were met by their aunt and uncle, cousins and Auntie Bea.

Hutton says: WHAT? They are EASTER goggles!
The kids played while someone (ahem, my brother) "met" with the Easter Bunny.  This is a very special bunny, the same bunny that used to come visit and hide eggs for Collin and his sister, CaSondra.  We were hoping to bring him back this year and it could not have all worked out more perfect.  The outfit fit perfectly, we were all celebrating together, the kids (at least the oldest ones) "got it."  It was so much fun.

Mucho thanks to my brother, who is always such a good sport for these things.  He hopped and hopped and hopped and wiggled his tail, and OMG, you guys, everyone needs their own personal Easter Bunny. 

Can you see him?

And the kids got to witness it all from the big bay window.

Once the Bunny was gone we got our baskets ready and headed outside to find all of the eggs.  I had a really hard time getting good pictures of the kids this year.  They were just way to quick for me. 

After our egg hunt we headed to brunch and then out to the house for the afternoon.  It was nice to be out there, sitting in the sun, feeling the breeze, walking through the rooms.  The whole day was just so, so nice.

On our way back to the duplex we stopped at Culver's for ice cream and because it was Easter we thought we'd be nice and get the boys their own shakes.  This may look like a huge parenting fail...

but it gave us seven. whole. minutes. of complete silence on the drive home.  So I say, WIN!

Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Kono III: 32 Week Update

32 weeks

Ahh!  32 weeks.  Let me do some quick math...and holy crap!  We're only 8 weeks from our due date and let's see...Keaton was 4 weeks early, Hutt was almost 6 weeks early....and, oh, catch me, I think I'm about to pass out now.

No, in all honestly, I think we still have some time.  I'm not sure it's eight weeks, but I feel like it's definitely more than 2.  Maybe four?  Maybe six?  Who knows, it probably is eight.  I have my moments, but overall I'm still feeling really good and think these progesterone shots are doing their job.

My appointments are every two weeks now and I had one on Wednesday, which went really well.  So let's dive in with the update, shall we??
  • First off, here is my 32-week comparison picture with Hutton.  And 32 weeks with Keaton.
  • Weight gain to-date is still 22 pounds, same as my 30-week appointment.  Again, I didn't keep track with Hutt and with Keaton I said I was at 27 pounds but it looks like I did a combined 32-week/34-week post, so I'm not exactly sure to what week that applied.
  • Also staying the same from my 30-week appointment was my fundal height, at 33 weeks, so just a little bit ahead this time.  Yay!  I've evened back out.  And rereading Hutt's 32-week post it looks like I was measuring 2 weeks ahead last time, I totally did not remember that.
  • Heart rate was right around 140. (Hutt was closer to 150 and Keaton was 145 - but pretty similar)
  • And now for the fun parts of the appointment!!  Oh, I can barely contain my excitement!
  • I was scheduled for a pelvic exam this week, so Collin took off work so he could come with me to wrangle the boys.  The plan had been everyone would come into my appointment but leave when it was time for my exam.  Well, when we got there both boys were sleeping so instead Collin parked the car and dozed off himself.  I think those three quite enjoyed this week's appointment :)  Meanwhile, I was inside having a little chat with the nurse and before I knew it she was leaving and telling me to strip down.  Well, apparently I didn't do it quite quick enough because I was not even up on the table yet when there was a knock at the door and I was frantically saying, "just a second" while I tried to cover myself, but he didn't hear me and you know it shouldn't really matter, he sees everything anyway, but still, damn, it's kind of embarrassing not to have that sheet wrapped around you before he walks in.
  • My pelvic exam went well.  I mean, for a pelvic exam.  I wouldn't liken it to eating an ice cream cone on a warm summer day or anything but my cervix is closed and high (or low?  Wherever it is supposed to be) and soft, but that's normal.  He was happy and told me I had no restrictions at home.  I asked if this meant that I wasn't dilated and he told me in order for him to tell if I was a fingertip or 1 cm, he'd have to force his finger into my cervix and he didn't want to do that.  So, no noticeable dilation at least.
  • And here's the really fun part.
  • So.  My butt hurts.  Not my butTOCKS, my buttHOLE.  Or, rectum, as the nurse calls it.  Because I guess butthole isn't a medical term. It's been like this for about a week.  Radiating pain when I walk.  I thought maybe it was hemorrhoids, but it doesn't feel like any of the hemorrhoids I've had in the past.  I told the nurse, who told me to tell the doctor and by my description he said he thought it was a nerve but that during my exam he'd do a rectal exam to check for hemorrhoids.  I HAD TO HAVE A RECTAL EXAM.  Do you know what is worse than a rectal exam??  PRETTY MUCH NOTHING!! The results were no hemorrhoids, it's likely a nerve and pressure from the baby is causing the pain.  Searing pain.  It sometimes brings me to tears.  But the upside to having a rectal exam is getting to see the look on your husband's face each time you say: Man, ever since my rectal probe this afternoon.....because your husband may be able to skin and gut a deer but hearing about your rectal exam makes him weak in the knees.
  • The only other news I got is that the baby is not head down.  He's sitting on my left hip and either to the side or angled up.  And the doctor isn't sure if it is his head or his legs that are on my hip.  This is bothering me; even though I know it shouldn't.  I'm just hoping he turns and gets into the right position before I go into labor.
  • Other updates include: 1) 3rd trimester nausea, which I didn't remember I had with both of my previous pregnancies.  It's basically the same thing I complained about the last two times, a big ball of vomit sitting right in my throat.  It's especially bad at night when I lay down.  2) Contractions are about the same as two weeks ago, a few strong ones here and there but nothing like with the other boys. 3)  Nesting - I'm not quite there yet, although we do have plans to clean and rearrange our bedroom this weekend I'm not overly frantic about it yet (I was at this point last time around.)  I do need to start making a to-do list though and I'm hoping to wash up a few things this weekend to start that hospital bag.
  • See you again at 34 weeks....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

From our family to yours...

We had a
Basket finding,
Easter Bunny visiting,
Egg hunting,
Candy devouring,
Brunch eating,
House visiting,
Cousin playing,
Kite flying,
Ice cream licking
wonderful day.

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter.
(More Easter posts to come this week.)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Standing in the Mouth of a Beast

The boys are outside with Collin playing in the sand piles with their trucks, so I swing my leg over the board that is blocking the stairs and climb down.  I haven't been in the basement for awhile, since most of the work has been occurring upstairs, or on the roof, lately.  It is chilly down here, now that the floor system is on very little sun makes it into these rooms, so I pull my coat around me and walk around aimlessly. 

In the spare bedroom I can see the old concrete block walls that still exhibit soot damage and scrapes across the floor from the bucket of the backhoe as he tore up the carpeting.  The walls are all studded out so I climb through to the family room.  It'll be awhile before we can afford to finish this off.  We had just finished the old family room, so this makes us sad, but we have plans and I can visualize the bar and sofa sectional and wood burning stove as if they are already there.  I walk to the back corner, the southeastern most tip of the house, and stand in the room that is currently up for debate.  A play room for the kids or Mom's craft room?  There is nice natural light in here so obviously I'm gunning for the latter. 

I walk back through the family room to the north side of the basement, which will once again house our storage area and work-out room.  I stand in the middle of the old concrete slab, there are red stains on the floor that resemble blood.  Paint stains from canisters that fell and spilled that night; but in a way the look of blood is more fitting.  This is where it all started. 

Right here is where the computer was hooked up.  Right here is where that first spark ignited.  I spin in a circle looking all around me, feeling it, seeing it.  It's as if I am standing in the mouth of a beast.  I can see the red flames circling, circling, gaining momentum and I want to kick that fucking beast in the head. 


You took my kids growth charts with the little notches marked every six months.  You took their baptism blanket, the one that had been handmade and I planned to pass down to our children's children, and their hospital footprints from the day they were born.  You took all of our honeymoon pictures and mementos of our last seven years together.  You killed our cat.


Suddenly I hear a sound coming from deep within me and I realize I am crying.  This is my first time being down here alone. 

It's all gone, and the events of that night started right here, right where I'm standing.




Of course, that's not entirely true. It didn't take everything. 

I'm reminded of that every night as I watch them in the dark, their chests moving up and down with each breath, their eyes closed tight and their sweet little hands curled up by their faces.  I thank God each night that they are here and that their baby brother is kicking furiously inside.  And then I whisper to Collin, "goodnight."

With the exception of Sophie, it didn't really take anything.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Kono III: 30 Week Upate

28 weeks

30 weeks

You guys!  Who turned the calendar to APRIL??  How is this possible?  A quarter of the year already gone.  Seeing the month change has really gotten me into 'we need to start getting ready for this baby' mode.  So how about an update...
  • Here was my 30-week shot with Hutton and a 30-week shot with Keaton. Rereading those posts it looks like in the past two pregnancies I really "popped" right around the 30 week mark.  This time around I think it happened earlier, more like 26 weeks.
  • At 30 weeks I've now gained 22 lbs, which puts me ahead of my pregnancy with Keaton, where I said I had gained 21.  I didn't keep track with Hutt.
  • I'm having contractions, but still not all that frequently.  I don't think they are nearly as much or as intense as I was having with both boys at this point, and rereading that post of Keaton's kind of confirms it.  I mentioned in there that one night I was having them every 10 minutes.  I haven't had anything like that with this one.
  • Also, in both of the other boys' 30 week posts I noted how exhausted and run down I was.  I feel like that once in awhile, but overall I'd say I'm still feeling pretty good.  These two things make me think the progesterone injections are doing their job!!
  • Guess who's having a contraction as I type this.
  • Now, while I don't feel totally run down, that's not to say that walking up and down the stairs to get the kids clothes/jammies/etc. doesn't make me short of breath.  Because Oh Dear Lord, it does. 
  • We still have so much to organize and wash and pack before we are actually ready for this little boy to make his appearance, but we've started.  The next projects include getting my hospital bag ready (washing clothes) and rearranging our bedroom to fit the bassinet in there.  Our bedroom is such a disaster, there are totes and boxes piled high plus we have both boys in there with us - a toddler mattress for Keaton and a pack-n-play for Hutt.  While the original plan was to move them out of our room before the baby came, they are just now finally sleeping through the night again so I don't want to put them through another transition just to uproot them in a couple of months when we move back into the house.  So for now, it's a full house, but it's just going to have to work.
  • I found a locally-made-from-llama-fur (fur?  wool?  What is a llama's coat called?) hat for the baby this weekend and it matches the outfit I was planning as his "going home" outfit and oh!  it made me excited!
  • Oh my gosh you guys, this child.  He does. not. stop. moving.  It is constant activity all day long.  He's active in the morning/afternoon/evening/night.  I mean there are moments when he settles down but I remember the boys' being very active at certain times of the day, like right after lunch.  This kid needs no reason, he just likes to move and kick, and dance, and I don't even know what all he is doing in there.  And at night, when I lay down to go to sleep, he sits on my hip bone and then pokes and, honestly, it's pretty uncomfortable. 
Last Wednesday I had my 30-week appointment.  Updates from there:
  • Heart rate was in the 130's - 131 I think.
  • Based on my fundal height I was measuring 33 weeks.  33!!??  I asked him as soon as it came out of his mouth.  Well, here, let me try it again....yeah, 33.  He's not concerned but did say that if we get to 37 weeks and I'm still measuring this far ahead we'll do an ultrasound to make sure we don't have gigantor baby on our hands.  I never measured ahead with the boys, or if I did, never by 3 weeks, so this is all new to me.
  • I thought my next appointment was going to be in 3 weeks, but no, I've officially moved onto the every-two-week schedule.  That, right there, is a little crazy to me.  Every two weeks means we're getting closer to the end.
  • I believe I will be checked at my 32 week apt., but I wouldn't be surprised if he changes his mind and does it at 34.  So we shall see.
So...until then....