Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekend Blues / Furniture Shopping / St. Patty's Day/ AKA: Totally Random Updates

I've noticed a trend over the past several weeks, it appears, almost without fail, I end up with what I'm calling the "Weekend Blues."  It's most prevalent on Sundays, it doesn't seem to matter what we have accomplished, or not accomplished; it doesn't matter if we have guests in town or if the sky is perfectly blue with a gorgeous wind blowing every so slightly.  Sunday hits and I'm depressed. There are almost always tears and sadness and a general sense of "I can't make it through this."  The feeling holds through Monday and most of Tuesday.  And then Wednesday comes and I seem to wake up on the other side of the bed; my mood improves, life doesn't feel dire, I generally feel like things are okay.  No, things are good.

I don't know if this is normal or not.  There are days that I feel like I might need to be medicated to get through the next several months.  And then there are days that I send emails saying "hey, can you send me that list again?  I seemed to have misplaced a landfill somewhere."  And I'm not tying to make light of the situation or force laughter or anything like that, it's just.. life goes on and we're doing good and well, that's about the time Sunday rolls back around...


We had a pretty productive couple of days this past weekend.  Not much got done in way of inventorying but we did get out on Saturday and repurchased almost all of our furniture.  It was a very different furniture shopping experience then we've ever had before.  While we don't normally make a purchase that big without price comparison shopping, when you're looking to furnish SIX WHOLE ROOMS going from store to store to check prices is just too overwhelming.  So we took a different approach and just went back to the store where we purchased said item in the first place (when we did compare prices) and we placed the order there.  Could we have potentially saved ourselves some money??  I don't know.  Yes, I suppose potentially, but we had one day without the kids in tow and we needed to get this done.  So when we broke for lunch, just after repurchasing the mattresses for our bedroom and the spare room, I looked at Collin and said, we can't dwell on this, the mattresses are done, checked off the list.  We're not looking at mattresses anywhere else and we're moving on to the next room.  And he agreed.  And we didn't.

The two rooms we have left to buy for are my office and the nursery.  The store in town that we got our office furniture from last time no longer carries that brand, but he made some calls for us and it looks like we'll be able to get it from them after all.  Whew!  It sounds dumb, but I loved that office furniture and now that I spend 10 hours a day in the room, well, I want my furniture back!

As for the nursery, I'm going to wait until we are closer to moving back into the house before ordering that.  We usually keep our kids in a bassinet for the first several months anyway, so I think it will work out okay.

Furniture shopping has made me really excited and anxious to get back into our house.  As of right now we're hoping it'll be mid-June, or so, when we move home.

This weekend is St. Patrick's Day and just yesterday it dawned on me that I didn't have a holiday guessing game on here.  Dang it!  It totally slipped my mind. 

I love having this blog to document things because, truly, I'm not doing it anywhere else.  I was especially happy yesterday when I was thinking about our St. Patty's Day meal and remembered that I posted the recipes that we used last year on here.  So I dug through my archives and found this post.  I'm happy to have my recipes, but I have to admit seeing those pictures of my decorations made me a little sad.  My grapevine tree.  It's gone.  My St. Patty's Day shamrocks.  They're gone.  My new Scentsy Love Knot warmer. Gone.

Keaton as a 2-year old.  Gone.  Holy crap!  He looks so young in these pictures.  And Hutty!  He's just a baby.  Of course, I had this post open on the computer when Collin came home last night and he said "Wow, the boys haven't changed at all in a year. "  And he was totally serious.  What do you think?  I'm curious.  Because I feel like they've grown 10 years in the past year.

The weather has been so gorgeous this week and Collin's mom called today and said there are crocuses popping up in their yard.   I don't normally let myself get too excited at the first sign of spring, living up here it usually means we'll get dumped on again with snow in just a few days time.  But the weather this year has been so odd that I think it might actually be here, and I in the last few days I've found myself longing for even summer things like farmers markets, weekends at the cabin, flowers blooming in pots, birds coming back to occupy our bird houses, and walks after dinner.  What are you most looking forward to as we (it seems) officially leave winter and enter a new season?


CAS said...

OMG- I agree with you Kate- the boys have grown up soooo fast! I loved looking back at the pics though and your great traditions! Praying for the "weekend blues" to subside! I am looking forward to gardening more. I already mowed my lawn on Tuesday- more to pick up the leaves. I am also looking forward to walking to on the trail to the restuarants for dinner or a drink on the weekends with Ben. Uggg- love this time. Oh and can't wait to put the hummingbird feeder out.

Jill said...

I know the feeling of the weekend blues...because the weekend is gone before you know it and then you just slide from Wed on, hoping you can make it to the weekend! Hang in sounds to me like you guys are actually making GREAT progress on the weekend, so hopefully you'll start feeling it too!

What am I looking forward too...all of the things you mentioned AND...this one is a longer having to bundle everyone up to go somewhere! I have gained back 10 minutes of every trip I make out of the house! Happy Spring, everyone!