Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching Leprechauns

If I were ranking holidays, it wouldn't have been until the past few years that I put St. Patrick's Day in one of the upper quartile spots. 

Side note: this actually makes me want to list all the holidays and rank them because I'm not exactly sure how my picks would fall.

But with our new-found love for corned beef and cabbage (we used to cheat and have corned beef and kraut) and the boys getting old enough to get into "catching leprechauns" this holiday has been one that I've been really looking forward to over the past couple of years. 

I had planned on making our leprechaun traps with the boys last Wednesday, but our day was full of errands and running around and we never got it done; so Busha helped them on Friday.  They decided to use tree branches this year as camouflage.  The boys were both sleeping on Friday night when we got home from dinner so we set out our traps on Saturday morning in hopes of catching one of those sneaky little guys.

Then we piled in the car and headed to Milwaukee for the day for their cousins' birthday parties.

On our way home we kept the boys awake with talk about checking our traps when we got there.  Then, when we actually got here, I totally forgot about it and Keaton and I were in the house putting things away and Collin and Hutton were outside with the dog when suddenly Keaton yells "OUR TRAPS ARE DOWN!!" 

Oh!  Wait for Hutt, I told him.  Go tell your Dad!


And then he and Hutt ran to their traps.  Keaton was a little more tentative, not wanting him to get out, while Hutt pulled that box up with wild abandon and started shoving gold in his pocket.

Keaton kind of peeked underneath his and I think he was disappointed (again) when all he found was gold and not a leprechaun.  But we explained to him that this means we got one!  The gold fell out of his pocket when he escaped!  And Collin told him maybe we'd set up a camera to catch him next time and that seemed to make Keat happy and he settled in to eat his gold.

We had our St. Patrick's Day meal on Sunday and I never got around to making the Irish Soda Bread or the green jello, but the corned beef was good.  Hutton shoved it into his mouth by the handfuls and Keaton warmed up to it a little after we told him it was leprechaun food. 

The boys have been checking their traps over the past few days, just in case, but no, no leprechauns.  Maybe next year!


Amanda said...

Don't you wish they stayed this young & naive longer??? My boys also loved finding the gold around the house that Lucky O' Leprechaun left! I think the thing they liked the most honestly was that Lucky turned our toilet water green ;)

Katharine said...

The checking under the traps is SO CUTE. You're making me want to actually do something next year (most years St. Patrick's Day just passes me by ... no offense to it, so does my birthday!)

You're so creative, Kate, the boys are lucky to have you!

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day!

CAS said...

Oh They are just so CUTE!!!! I love seeing pics of them- I am honestly on Nephew WITHDRAWL lately! Just want to squeeze them! This is so great and I am so glad that you still did the Trap even though it wasn't "on the Day" as who cares- the kids sure didn't ! Love you

Mama B said...

Cant wait to see how you catch the Leprechaun on film next year, that should be fun!

Jill said...

LOL...I'm with Kira...who will be dressed up like a leprechaun in that film??!! :)

Too cute and I LOVE their shirts! Glad you had a fun day!